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Theory # #danielnegreanu

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  1. What’s the potential he bets if you check to him? How often is he bluffing on the river in the form of a raise there with a polarized range? If the potential exists he would raise with air (basically the only thing you can beat) it seems like there is a chance he will bet on the river with air, in which case you can get value by cc or save yourself some money if you got exceptionally unlucky. Plus he will probably bet a Q for value, which is what you’re hoping to get paid by with your bet.

    1. And either way trying to give Daniel negreanu advice on how to play poker is adorable

    2. @@sphinxscu2022 hes not giving advice, he’s trying to deepen the discussion.

    3. @@sphinxscu2022 the logic of the post is secondary to being open to analyzing different lines. Just shrugging and assuming you (or in this case Daniel) just got unlucky is the best way to ensure any possible leaks in your game remain wide open.

  2. coulda called the 1st time with A2 suited as well. right? However..the 99’s makes way more sense.

    1. I check the river a lot if it’s a questionable hand because I HATE getting check raised 😂

  3. Daniel is my favorite player…thank for making these type of shorts❤

  4. Wouldn’t having the Ac be more of a fold since he can’t be bluffing with that card repping the flush? I’m trying to think of any hand you beat and can’t do it.

  5. If the board wasn’t paired I would have called the 80k, but def would have folded here. The guy was too confident in reraising after knowing the flush made it, so he either had it, could beat it or was bluffing.

  6. Thank you Daniel for making these videos to see what goes on in your head. It’s nice to know that even the best makes mistakes. More important thing is learning from them 😊

  7. Isn´t it easier to use common sense? If he re raise you on a three of a kind, flush and full house board he probably will beat a simple pair so why call, the only thing you beat is a bluf which is unlikely if there are so many outs

  8. You were drawing dead on turn so caution and pot control saved you and cost you minimum.
    IK doesn’t cone you’d get away

  9. Surprising that a world poker class player as negreanu doesnt mention in his comment the stack size

  10. This is such a cool idea. I love the idea of watching Daniel play poker explaining certain tactics.

  11. My favorite part of these videos is the Freeroll Pros in the comments who critique the GOAT 💯

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