Poker Player Misreads Cards and Loses $100,000!

thinks he has a capacity but he absolutely misreads his cards on High Stakes !

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Poker Player Misreads Cards and Loses $100,000!

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    1. He makes more money a year than all 4 of us will make in our lifetimes

  1. Hey poker players, raise your hand if you’ve never done this. See, not one hand is raised.

    1. Drunker the more often.. ever misread your hand and its actually better.. nice usrprise

    2. ​@@petermorcombe8344 I rememeber I once called the river with the nuts because I drunkenly read the board wrong. Felt like such an idiot.

    3. One time I three bet a shorter stack with AQ offsuit and we got it in. He had TT, but it was fine because I hit my Q, except I see the money get dragged to him and then I check my cards, and my Q had been turned into a 9 by the rigged poker site! J/k I thought the 9 was a Q

  2. To me I feel he immediately tables his hand once he hear JRB say “flush,” although the “what do you think” was pretty convincing lol

    1. What? Look at his eyes and face when he looks at his cards. Keating rarely cares about pots, and this time he looked like he was gonna faint

    2. @@mskid1166 exactly, he looked at his cards. How often do you see poker players look at their cards like that before showing the winning hand? His face and shock was instant like he knew he was gonna react that way to save face. Again, I could be wrong, I don’t follow him or the show enough to be sure one way or the other. But I’d be curious to see if he ever looked at his cards like that after knowing he has the winner bc that’s not normal

    3. ​@@mattyg55actually agree here, i think Alan was steaming and made a snap thin call thinking jrb had air and then put on a very quick acting job to save face

    4. @@mattyg55 y’all are high. He looking completely normal until he looked at his cards.

    5. ​​@@mattyg55o you are not wrong. He 3x pot’f the river and called when JRB 2.5x raised. He for sure thought he had deuces.

    1. ​@@LinhLinh-ey1xp he would make a full house in he had deuces. Beating the flush

  3. When you VPIP 95% of hands, it’s hard to remember your exact holding 😅😅

    1. Sometimes it’s painful to watch. I remember hearing so much about him and Rick Salomon and then actually watching them on high stakes poker calling 5,10,15,20 thousand dollar pre-flop raises with J6 off. Of course they get lucky every 10 hands or so and flop two pair or hit a pair of 6’s on a low flop vs the raising AQ but man, how do you not punt long term. Playing too many hands is pretty accepted leak at ALL levels of poker. You always see Daniel, Phil, Antonio etc on tv and see their style but guys like this you often only hear about. I was disappointed. Lol

    2. @@carpediem6431t depends if theirs an ante or the blinds are the same . Or even 3 antes! Then its much more profitable to just call Wider because of the odds you’re getting.
      Ik in highstakes they would change the game
      Up to 3 antes and Deep stack. So its not limited to the usually preflop ranges, everyone gets better odds to call looser and wider, and at that point it becomes more of a feel game than a mathematical one. Usually why highstakes games are funner and more entertaining to watch

  4. Now that is a normal reaction when you missread your hand. Not to compare…

  5. Sucks that it happened to probably the nicest, most well liked guy in poker

    1. ​@@eddied3246haha thats funny happened to me too. Had a four card straight with a pair of 8s. I genuinely thought I had a straight and announced it as I flipped it. Fortunately pair 8s was enough to win the board 🤣.

    2. Went all in with 66 against JJ. Once he showed his JJ, I instantly mucked not knowing that the board had made me a straight.

    3. ive played for 30 hours before , drinking for the first 12 , and 30 years of playing poker iver never misread my hand lol it amazes me when this happens if u dont have vision problems

    4. @@tophercabba congrats to you… keating is way more successful than you, but glad you can read your hands. Has nothing to do with vision problems, it’s called fatigue…

    5. @@tophercabbaeverybody has misread a hand, you’re not Jesus Christ. If you don’t think you’ve ever misread, that’s because you mucked without realizing you have a hand

  6. The way his right arm moves as soon as his eyes see the cards made me feel like those cards almost took their first flight 😬 ✈️

  7. “Did you really think you had deuces?” “What do you think?” Yikes lol

    1. Douchey question to say the least. Keating has integrity and his expression was clearly honest.

    2. More than that, it’s not like Keating raised and it could’ve been a bluff attempt. He just called, so it’s just a totally moronic question. The only sane, logical explanation is that he mis-read his hand.

    3. Right!? Of course he thought that. He’s not calling with just 55. 😂

    4. @@afsheenmirshafiei9266 sorry the guy is either an extremely stupid person or just a liar, he did the exact same thing on hustler casino live stream.. I think he’s just lying so he wouldn’t look stupid

  8. Genuinely thought he had 22. It rarely happens, but happens.

    Even to people who don’t drink.

  9. With a reaction like that he absolutely 1000% thought he had deuces

  10. Alan is probably the only guy that I would believe actuall really misread his hand here

    1. Especially when your facing a re raise on the river it’s not like it’s on a flop where some people say your giving information away by double checking

    2. Don’t know why you would in the first place, you’re playing with your money.

  11. are we gonna ignore that JRB raised a bluffcatcher for value? His raise is a pure freeroll for a full house-or-nothing range

    1. Trip 6 can call, since it’s a back door flush, no? and possibly, once in a blue moon, a weaker flush, a K,3 of spade, maybe? So, no, i dont think thats a “bluffcatcher”,

    2. ​@@DAVo-oe4cc the bet was 3x pot, none of these hands exist in that range. That’s why the raise is so abysmal

  12. If you can’t tell by that reaction he was legit telling the truth, you need a lesson in common sense. Clear as day he was flustered.

  13. “What do you think?” 😭😭😭😭 Like bruh I’m down a hunnit racks 🤣🤣🤣

  14. It definitely looked like a moment of genuine shock. I think he was honest when he said he thought he had duces.

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