Poker Bunny & SoFlo Antonio Play $10/20/40 No Limit Hold’em – Commentary by Greg Potter & RaverPoker

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Hustler Gambling Establishment Live is a live stream poker show at Hustler Gambling establishment in Los Angeles, relaying Monday through Friday at 5pm PT. Brought to you by Nick Vertucci and Ryan Feldman, in association with Hustler Casino.

With stakes ranging from $5/$ 5/$ 10 No Limit Hold 'em to High Stakes $50/$ 100 NLH and beyond, Hustler Gambling establishment Live is house to the most amusing poker action found anywhere, including your preferred poker celebrities from the United States and around the globe.

Executive Producer: Nick Vertucci
Executive Producer: Ryan Feldman
Technical Director: Patrick Curran
Video Production: Kyle Ravreby
Animation: Alejandro Indriago
System Engineer: Brett Drolet
Production Coordination: Clint Santiago Dahl
Graphics Specialist: Brett Caprioni
Audio Service Technician: Gerry Feldman, Bryan Sagbigsal
Gambling Establishment GM: Shaun Yaple
Poker Staging: Gallagher Staging & Productions, Inc
. Special Thanks to the Flynt Household

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Poker Bunny & SoFlo Antonio Play $10/20/40 No Limit Hold'em – Commentary by Greg Potter & RaverPoker

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  1. Intro video 29:56
    Stream start 31:04
    First hand 34:10
    Timestamp the best hands in the replies. Go!

    1. 2:43:30
      On more than one occasion when Antonio had a decision to make, skills got up from his seat and walked around the table. With his eye condition, he happened to stumble upon some players cards and his eye condition seems to also make him blink when he is staring right at Antonio as he lists the possible hands the villain might have. “AK” …. Blink

    2. Or my personal favourite:

      Can you please give reasoning why there was no action/penalty/warning about this and where do you draw the line?

    3. Hi I really enjoy this show but I also like watching it with my son but why do you accept so much bad language tonight no need for it

  2. Great job to everyone who noticed skillz peaking at Barry’s cards. Pretty immoral stuff. You would think the guy was god considering how he played against barry until you realize that he could see his cards. Occams razor at it’s finest…

    1. abc 123a Barry’s fault, but there’s etiquette not to be a scum bag at the table

  3. 4:14:14 and hand after, 4:15:56, 4:18:00 he’s full on looking at his cards

    1. 4:07:05 the Let’s go Brandon guy looks over at Lauren and gives her the “did you see that” look.

    2. It’s almost impossible for that guy not to see his cards though. I thought at first that he was showing his cards on purpose. You have to be careful when you look at your hole cards. I mean he literally has them facing the other guy when he looks at them. It looks like he is showing the other dude more than he is trying to look. I’m didn’t watch the stream and I doubt he did it on purpose but I’m just saying he has no one to blame but himself.

    3. @Jacob McGregor trying to look at the other persons cards is not a strategy.

      But skillz loves Barry he said lol. I watched 90%. Fake dude . He was going all in blind till he found a hustle

  4. 4:05:50 is when skills sees Barry’s hand that’s how he knows to fold on the turn when Barry spikes the nuts and then kicks Antonio so he doesn’t bet. Wow…

    1. This guy is never ever ever folding two pair in this situation in this game- unless he knows what he’s up against.

  5. 4:05:40
    Julio looks over at Barry’s 8 10 preflop
    Julio looks, but can’t see Bunny cards; fail
    A 7 9 flop…Julio flops 7 9 two pair
    Turn 6 giving Barry nut straight
    Julio intentionally kicks 3rd player in hand Antonio, as to tell him to ‘not put any more $$$ in pot’
    Lots of banter
    Julio folds 7 9 two pair holding
    Barry ships River and snap called by 3rd player
    Barry knows somethings up
    Julio does “victory lap” with his folded 7 9
    Julio attempts damage control of under table kick
    Barry and also announcers know something up

    In the words of Mike Postle:
    “It’s soooooo easy when you can see the cards”

    1. rt with the way he plays he was definitely going all in. I’m glad someone noticed this one

    2. @imakefilms I don’t think it is that obvious. people watch people pick their card to get a tell all the time. Heck, I always do it. However, if i actually see the cards, and we are both in, i will tell the whole table, because i have an unfair advantage. But i don’t think anyone is OBLIGATED to say, it is just ethical. It is the person’s responsibility to protect their cards.

      However, the kicking looks suspicious. But if they are colluding, then they did it badly, because the guy got stacked. Although Skillz got away from a bad beat somehow.

    3. actually, Antonio ships on the river, Barry didn’t ship it. Barry checked to him

    4. @Nazar Abbas Got away somehow? He saw Barry’s hand and knew he had the nuts, which is why he tried kicking his buddy to tell him to fold

  6. Watching skillz go into cover up mode after Antonio announces to the table that he kicked him is absolutely hilarious and damning evidence of collusion. Skillz giving antonio the heads up not to put money in against barry who had the nuts.

  7. Need more grown ups with some poker etiquette. I see why barry was upset. Good job stacking 👍👍 barry 2022 !!

  8. 5:14:34 Here’s where the commentators start talking about Barry’s cards and skills. They acknowledge that it’s technically each player’s responsibility to protect their cards, but they also say that trying to see another player’s cards is “not in the spirit of Hustler Casino Live.”

  9. small sample leading to 2 big hands
    4:02:19 4:03 commentator says surprise skills didnt bluff at it
    we don’t see but he doesnt bluff again

    folding 2 pairs
    4:05:52 folds 2 pairs on turn then kicks seat 3 twice
    4:06:59 first kick
    4:07:23 second kick called out by seat 1

    the big bluff
    5:08:51 questionable if he saw
    5:09:02 definitely see now
    5:09:41 all-in to barry’s 4k raise with bluff

    1. You can see his posture change or unnatural movement as a result of him kicking soflo. He didn’t want him to bet the turn cause he knew he was behind then

  10. I was wondering how pink boy was making the right call against Barry every time. I now realise lol

  11. The funniest thing is that pink literally chose the WORST time to cheat. Not only while he is being filmed but with 1000s of people watching the footage 😂

    1. @Overplays AceKing yeah, that is usually done in poker games by good players to get any tell possible the way they hold the cards. but ethical players will say something if they see the cards , or get a hint by a flashing of a card. But it is not mandatory. I actually don’t feel other players appreciate it when i say that i saw someone’s cards. I usually get the reaction as if to tell me , why are you announcing it? without actually saying that obviously

    2. @Nazar Abbas what stakes you play? 1/2 1/3? not to bash you or sth but i was wondering the stakes you played when that happens (other players not feeling appreciated when you tell you can see someones cards)

    3. @nerdheid I play usually 1/3 or 2/5. Sometimes i play 5/5 as well. Also i play tournaments. To clarify about this, Some players appreciate it for sure, but sometimes i get the sense that I overdo it from other players reactions. Mostly it is not explicit, (they won’t tell me don’t do that again for example, although there is an example here and there of course) . So it is possible that I’m misreading the reactions, but I don’t think so. For example, I’m threeway against a player and he is opposite of me. And when he looked at his cards again, he did it so weird that I saw it almost clearly (it was AQ spades, but it turned out AQ offsuite , both black). So i told him, I saw your cards, and preflop action just finished (I had 88). From the reaction of the floor and him, it felt since he had a good hand, I shouldn’t say anything, because he might have to play it face up. I didn’t even announce the hand, i just said i saw it and i can say what i saw to the other player if that’s the right thing to do. I didn’t feel it is fair to the other player that i know it and he doesn’t.

    4. @Nazar Abbas oh you mean in those type of situations, i thought you meant you could see your neighbours card, you tell them about it and the rest of the table are not pleased with that.
      yeah if you saw it during a hand just keep it for yourself, its not cheating or whatsoever, cause i dont think there is a ruling about that. You saw someones card, and now you have to share that info so everybody knows thats just bullshit. what if you were wrong and you said the guy had a King but it turns out to be a Jack. thats huge info. so if he really got a King then he is suddenly exposed, to all the players in the hand if he doesnt have the King the other card is mostlikely a Qeeun or Jack and thats also huge info.
      in these spots you have to keep it for yourself, you might be out preflop or postflop, and then the guy just can play his hand, instead of having more people know what he has

    1. That tilts me so much . I’d like her a little more if she wasn’t such a spazz so often lol

    2. Barry could’ve saved himself thousands of dollars by looking at his cards the same way

  12. He went from all in in the blind. To poker god. All it takes is a little scheming.

  13. The 20k jam with Julio is unreal and goes to show how cheating works. Good luck and hopefully there’s some justice put in place.

  14. 4:06:16 “see how she grabs her cards? they’re not going anywhere”

    hmm wonder why he was so interested in the way other players looked at their cards.

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