Poker After Dark | World Series of Poker Legends Week with Doyle Brunson [FULL EPISODE]

To celebrate 's life and legacy we provide you with a complete After Dark Week condensed into one video. Today on After Dark, six World Series of Poker legends square off with $120,000 on the line. Enjoy how , , , , Phil Hellmuth, and Chris Ferguson fight it out.

Show us your preferred Doyle Brunson memories in the chat and the remarks.

Poker After Dark | World Series of Poker Legends Week with Doyle Brunson [FULL EPISODE]

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  1. Rest in peace to Doyle Brunson and also Rest in peace to Layne Flack!

    1. @@captainscentsible3938 don’t know what Chip Reese has to do with this video, the guy has been 6 feet under like 15 years.

    1. ​@@xo121whow you think he lasted all theme decades, tight is right, its a marathon not a sprint.

  2. Doyle will be so missed 😢. Grateful to have watched him for so many years.

    1. “We don’t stop playing because we get old; we get old because we stop playing.” — Doyle Brunson, the man who never got old. ❤

  3. The greatest smile of poker will sorry be missed. Pioneer, legend, and absolute icon of the beautiful game called poker. Doyle, you will be forever remembered!

    1. @@checkormate9042 that makes you an absolute genius! You watched “all the poker after dark for his age”…wtf does that mean genius? Doyle is the 5th largest winner in the shows 7 season history. Yeah, you’re a genius! Did you know that poker doesn’t mean NLHE? 🤔🤔🤣🤣. The man is a poker icon and a cash game legend who also happened to win 10 bracelets. Not bad for a cash game player..right, genius? (Also shows your poker IQ and lack of understanding of poker and Doyle’s impact). EDIT: best wishes in your 1/2 home game 🖕🏼🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Подскажите какой год на записи трансляции? 2005? 2010?

  4. Some of the greatest minds of poker with the most WSOP wins at the time, but many fell for the Full Tilt Poker!!

  5. Doyle with the godfather ringtone. The greatest figure in poker. 10 deuce to you sir!

  6. This is one of the most entertaining sessions ever filmed. The way Doyle kept owning Phil was precious — and Phil’s reads have never been better. Even when he was ahead he couldn’t match the bet. Wonderful stuff, just great.

  7. This man’s name will be mentioned for more than centuries to come… Absolute legend

  8. Awesome hearing TJ and Doyle talking about the guys they played with in Texas.

  9. Doyle Brunson was the most well rounded of all the greats!!! He was also the first to recognize the talent of the new players!

  10. Starting at the 2:58:00 mark. How hilarious; Phil taking a giant bite of a sandwich and Doyle’s phone rings with the “Godfather” theme. I love Poker.

  11. Master of the Game and there will never be another to take your place Mr. Brunson. You will be forever missed at the tables. We all loved you…….

  12. Love coming back to rewatch this. Brunson is as sharp as ever here. Such a joy to watch.

    1. Doing the samething. Love watching doyle. That Ace at the end was the icing on the cake!

    2. When phill bad beat siedel his comment was hilarious. ” you finally trapped him phil”🤣

  13. All are legends and great teachers of the game, if young people truly want to learrn they will watch these remarkable players. Texas Dolly will be missed for years to come.

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