Poker After Dark ft Phil Hellmuth, Mike Matusow, Shawn Sheikhan, Gavin Smith, Sam Grizzle & JRB

Relive among the most epic weeks of Poker After Dark action compacted into one video! Phil Hellmuth is surrounded by some of the hardest talkers in the game and things get warmed as Gavin Smith, Sam Grizzle, Shawn Sheikhan, Jean-Robert Bellande and Mike Matusow try to set off the Poker Brat!

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Poker After Dark ft Phil Hellmuth, Mike Matusow, Shawn Sheikhan, Gavin Smith, Sam Grizzle & JRB

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  1. They should add an update like where are they now for each player at the end like a documentary.

    1. Well Sam Grizzle and Gavin Smith both died already. I think Sheiky is in prison now too.

    2. @@adambutterworth7608 Sam died!? didn’t know that, how sad, he was a funny guy!

  2. 35:50 for the classic ‘who has to show?’ argument between JRB and Hellmuth

    1. Hellmuth is completely wrong. If your bet gets called you are supposed to show your hand and if you refuse to show it you are not entitled to see the winners hand. The guy who calls can enforce the loser hand to be shown but that would be considered bad etiquette.

    2. ​@@MrSimonvk it’s interesting that you say he is wrong then agree with him in the same comment

    3. Hellmuth is the last person that should lecture another player on etiquette. He berates and calls names anyone that wins a hand against him or out plays him and then acts like a child. He has no class and no manners and the least amount of etiquette in the poker world.

  3. Watching this back Phil really has built himself into a brand…he saw the stars aligning

  4. Thise were great days to watch poker, when players didn’t sit like a statue for 60 seconds before folding 3, 7 off. When JRB took 30 seconds to think about his hand, Grizzle yelled, “Wheres the clock?” All this staring into the dark void so you can consider every possible permutation … boring as all get out. Who can watch it?

    1. Not I. It is dull as ditch water today with only a few characters, the rest are striving for perfection replaying hands against the player they face, the bluffs they showed, how they sat, their hand movements, the last things are the cards right now, until the clock.

  5. 7″35 phil is so soft, he folded a possible broadway straight, wheel , backdoor nut flush with top over. to a flop cbet.

    1. what about when JRB just completed with a call with JJ then folded to a flop cbet

    2. yes, sam alluded to it earlier, i get that it’s a tourney so to speak and the goal is to stay alive but make a move ! @@antzooma

  6. Anyone remember when they had a sketch guy on here doing caricatures of the players?, those were cool drawings, they’d make a great charity auction item .

  7. btw the announcer was great, no trying to be clever, lets us hear the table talk and to the point.

  8. I suggested this to Remko for them to upload this PAD episode! first 90 mins is gold! When poker was entertaining to watch. RIP Sam Grizzle

  9. Helmuth got under his skin with his sociopathic insults and bullying and then the tide turned

  10. Phil reminds me of the guy that says “I can bench press more than you” and when he loses says “ya, well you had terrible form lifting twice what I can”.

  11. The video title should be: “Phil Hellmuth Finally Wins Hand After Hand After Hand And Plays Very Well”

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