Pocket Aces Suck!

In Some Cases are the worst hand and it definitely sucks if it happens in the Main Event!

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  1. Show a compilation of why Pocket AA’s are the best! Probably way more boring that’s why. Raise. Bet All In.

  2. Just a pair. Some announcers and players think they already won the hand once they’ve been dealt two cards. When they get aces

    1. Generally speaking, making a pair isn’t easy with every hand. Pocket pairs are harder to get, and pocket aces are the best of the pocket pairs to get. Pocket aces gives you all the leverage from the start of the hand. If you don’t think pocket aces generally win you need to look at some statistics. Sure it’s just a pair, but a pair is hard to get 3 of a kind is harder, straights and flushes are harder to get than 3 of a kind, etc.

    2. FYI pocket Aces win about 85% of the time heads up against any other hand

  3. Most of these clips the aces got it in preflop. Nothing more you can do.

  4. 10:50 QJ suited is actually a favorite over 77. But not 88. Do UCY?

  5. A few weeks ago someone flopped quad sevens on my aces- I rivered a third ace just to rub in some salt.

    1. @iron monkey Sadly it happens, sometimes it happens twice a week but you wont see it for the rest of your life. Ive lost quads over quads twice in a week, but I haven’t seen it since. The one card quad over a big pair has got to be my favorit though. Impossible to fold.There is a video here sonewhere of Vanessa Selbst strongly considering folding a flopped boat with aces vs flopped quads.I think the flop was 77A.

  6. Aces are tremendous heads up. Every time you add one more player to the game the value of those aces goes down. In an eight handed game, pre-flop, they have a very slight advantage. Heads up give me pocket Aces every single time. It’ll be like printing money. You’ll lose every now and then. But 8 or 9 times out of 10 you’ll win heads up. People always remember their aces getting cracked in critical situations. You never guaranteed of a win in poker unless you’ve got the stone cold nuts on the river and you don’t fold.

  7. So sick at the Main Event to get aces cracked. I enjoyed every disgusting minute of this video

  8. I saw a lot of minraises with the aces. From 115k to 270k, that’s asking for trouble, I think you should play them a little stronger.



    1. @Bralet vanica Yes but do you know i have been paid out today .
      She’s the plug.

  10. Well yeah , just a “suck” hand , which made me win more money , than any other hand xD

  11. Aces will be an entire table over a third of the time.
    The next most powerful starting hand is a 4 to 1 underdog. People just get married to it and most cannot fold when they fall behind.

  12. I always blame it on the dealer and on the dumb fish who snap calls a 5b jam w 10s-Qs.

  13. Ramon jamming on the river with his AA after being checked to, what is he trying to get called by for value on that board??
    I think he overplayed it on the river massively.. I’m glad I got to watch that hand cause I actually learnt from it..

  14. I’m sure I have the worst luck in the world w/ pocket aces. I literally lose more than I win w/ them. It makes no sense whatsoever

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