Pocket Aces in Danger! ⚠️

Jeff Lisandro faced top-two with pocket aces at the 2009 WSOP Centerpiece!

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Pocket Aces in Danger! ⚠️

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    1. Technically, it’s not runner runner, because he could get literally any card on turn, and still win at the river, so no, it’s not runner runner

    2. @@aleksandaraca2486 Yeah, true…ace = set and jack = straight in terms of the turn among other things.

    3. Yeah he had a lot of outs after the flop. J, 10, any runners except Q,K

  1. It’s crazy he still had 41% after the flop. Ofc it makes sense after you calculate the outs but yeah

    1. @@Martin-vw8wfyeah I’m lost at his comment….’the math is crazy until you use your brain and actually math the mathing’ ….great job, dude! 🎉🎉

  2. This my friends is called Counterfeited and that poor King Queen hand two paired flop experienced it irrefutablely..

  3. Prahlad in a corner somewhere: “should be a dead hand, I never saw him throw the ante in” 😂

  4. I’m ashamed to admit I love to see lisandro lose. Well, maybe not ashamed…

  5. Где все умники со словами,что тузы это плохо?)))

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