PLO Rush & Cash – 2023 WSOP ONLINE

We're back for some more Rush & Money, this time the version.

We'll be streaming for the next couple of weeks from Vancouver playing the 2023 Online.

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– 2023 ONLINE

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  1. That was terrible and fun at the same time….
    Absolutely shocking play!

  2. Good thing about PLO is you no longer have to wait for those tankers that eventually flat

  3. Holy crap the bad beat receives two and a half million dollars boo boom look to score that bad beat over winning the tournament that way I have free winnings to play the next tournaments which will net mean much more to play with on more tourneys

  4. Are you playing same as you for big money, or having fun. I get in trouble when I play PLO, ply to many hands. And so far I would have played or folded almost same as you

  5. i love omaha. it’s fun with lots of action, but i’m so bad at it. i think i play too many starter hands and i always assume the other guy has the nuts because someone always does.

  6. hey dnegs it looks like you are comparing the 50k PLO WSOP tournament high stakes games with online play. it’s a whole lot different, cards that aren’t usually played in the high stakes WSOP tournaments here it’s normal to see someone play trash hands

    1. Anything less than PLO100 is very beatable, doubt these guys use rta

  7. Everyone of my GG tournaments ends with a 2 outer…
    50% the time they Hit the 2 outer.

    1. Ice cold? you know nothing about bad runs….. this was a standard session

  8. Obviously rooting for you to win Daniel but I have to admit it’s a lot more entertaining to watch when you are steaming and on tilt😭😭😭 – loving all the streams by the way😀😀😀

  9. turned off this video when Daniel folded AA in the very begining of the stream

  10. I’m really curious about your streaming rig, be cool to show us an overview for the nerds

  11. Ну я омахе уделяю 5% времени ну это тоже самое только карт 4… Лучше китайский покер вкл Он в корни отличается по длительности тоже самое…

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