Playing The Best Poker Of My Life!! PRINTING MONEY! Massive Heater!! Poker Vlog Ep 227

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Playing The Best Poker Of My Life!! ! Massive Heater!! Ep 227

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  1. I feel nothing when someone that isn’t a member of my family or a friend wins something. Except when you win, because you deserve it and you’re a good guy. Keep it up.

    1. One day…. one day. And yall old heads need to keep up with your meme game.

    2. His videos are pretty good. He should make those professionally, too

    3. Sorry bud, you’re terribly misinformed. He has merch and endorsements. Also he’s easily top 5, the #1 YouTube poker vlogger. He constantly shows growth, improvement, and authenticity. He’s a dude. 💯

  2. *sits down for lunch*
    “Hmm I hope there’s a cool video to watch.”
    “Oooo yes! Brad posted! Sweet!”


  3. No better advertisement for Petrangelo’s class than Brad absolutely obliterating everyone .. 👏🏻👍🏻

  4. Damn brad always starts my week off great with a Monday video. Glad to see ya stacking more Bradly dollars 💵. You’re definitely improving each day man. Stay safe and keep those cards hot 😎💯

  5. Yeah man, like many others have stated, I’ve been watching you for a few years now, it is wonderful to see you moving up.

  6. 2 months left, running good. This is when poker is fun. 👍👴🇺🇸🦅

  7. Came for the heater, stayed for the Cinnabon jokes. Going to airport to grab one now.

  8. Good for you man! Thats awesome… I would love to have heard the conversation at the airport…”Yea, while you guys were getting ready and flying here, I made ten thousand dollars playing poker this afternoon…”
    “Amateurs win money, professionals make money.” (through the countless hours spent learning, playing, and investing money.)

  9. That “someone call Paul Blart immediately” line had me dying 😂😂😂

  10. I like you playing hard against your friend. Too often there’s an inclination not to play your best against people you’re close with in a game of strangers. 🎉

  11. I see a bracelet in your future Brad! You have all the support in the world from friends, family, and fans. We know you’re on the path to greatness!

  12. Advertising for your course is seriously just selling itself – You have been absolutely KILLING it lately! Can’t wait to see your year-end charts

  13. I’d like to see a mathematics perspective vid, like run through the calculations and odds on each street in the way that you think about it. Maybe on the other channel and see how it’s received, I think that would also help newer players know when/how to think about those spots. Like when to float vs fold with mid overs w back doors vs specific bet sizing, etc

  14. You’ve said over and over throughout the last two years that “it’s the best stretch of poker I’ve played” a lot. I love it, keep up the good work my man. Here’s to more.

    1. This is the best year I’ve had by 3-4x. My Hendon Mob for this year is a good indicator of that.

  15. Brad is now an inspiration to people who want to vlog poker. Brad is an OG now

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