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  1. Idk how he can ever fold that river that’s hilarious 😂😂😂 rampage ur the goat this was a tough session for hit but u took it like a champ your time will come

    1. Garret at the top of his range their with 910. He blocks boats and has the straight. Never folding even if he shoves all in.

    2. Rampage is nuts sometimes, but he isn’t stupid. If he thought Garrett had a 9 there he wouldn’t have tried that.

    3. @G S think he’s talking about the hand against Nik where he folded KK

  2. I can think of zero reasons to ever sit at a table with Garrett. Screw the ego i want to play with recs.

    1. In Rampages case, the exposure is good for his channel growth! I for sure would never sit w Garrett though 😂

  3. Crazy play with those stakes! I’ll be in Vegas in May playing much lower stakes lol. Impressive to see the huge stakes play though Unbelievable Bluff btw!!!

    1. Those are “nosebleed stakes” where I live. I couldn’t scrape together a real small percentage of what you bought in for, so losing half of that would be painful. I think the “Solve for Why” people might have a better breakdown of how big your losses are, you better hope you get major wins in tourneys or REAL huge series of winning sessions to come back from a nearly 100 grand loss. Now I think I would get worried if I were you, you’re going to need to play smart and win, because one major six figure bath after another would be painful to endure, and you might find yourself hocking those you love if it keeps up. The punting streams might have been good at lower stakes, but they get more painful at higher ones. To borrow from Weird Al’s “I can’t Watch This” from his “Off the Deep End” album, “That’s as funny as a kick in the crotch/and that’s another reason why I can’t watch”…

  4. The tweet from Garret about the last hand was hilarious. Garret- “I liked your play in that hand. Only mistake was not knowing I just make great hands all the time” 😂😂

    1. Lmao garrett is such a troll sometimes his twitter bio is “joke of a poker player, run too hot for it to matter” lol love that dude

    2. i dont think c betting such a board with no equity really makes sense, i dont agree with that being a good play.. That c bet is just clearly throwing away money

    3. @Marc Villalobos You aren’t wrong. That’s where he went down the wrong path. Probably just a check fold, but as played on the flop, the turn and river were played correctly.

    4. @Marc Villalobos agree, Ethan is too trigger happy and doesn’t fold enough. Needs to tighten up a bit if he wants to win 150k just to break even on 2 days work

  5. Absolutely love the fast intro is and just how clean and quick the transition is into the first hand

    1. yes this is the way. lets get rid of the b-rolls and monologues and get straight into the punts.

    1. Disagree. This does wonders for his overall table image in the present. His aggression and style will definitely start to pay off over time.

    2. @george seemon He’s right. If Rampage sees fit to post his sessions on YT he deserves constructive criticism and some hard truths. Pretending he played well helps no one. He has said himself the financial impact of this loss was massive to him.

  6. Even though it was a tough session I still enjoyed watching the stream! Keep grinding 💪🏼

  7. Always entertaining Ethan glad we get to experience the highs and lows with u
    You’ve got some balls on you that’s no doubt
    look forward to your next vlog 👊🏻

  8. Ethan tried to have his “I sat down with the best…” Rounders moment…. The only issue is Garrett is better than Johnny Chan at High Stakes NLH

    1. He is definitely one of the best. Tom Dwan is also a beast playing high stakes poker

    2. Lol no. Watch Triton . Mikita Linus jungle trueteller limitless to name a few

  9. Garrett’s check call on the turn after hitting the straight was genius. He doesn’t get paid if he check raises that

  10. sometimes it’s fine to give up a hand instead of trying to bluff everytime
    your opponents probably watch the vlogs as well and would bluff catch against you more often than they usually do against other opponents.

  11. Ethan your punts are so epic. I love the Vlog and I hope you can keep it up but the unhinged aggression that works wonders for you at low and mid stakes are going to get you in a lot of trouble in a big boy game.

  12. I feel for you my friend. I could never withstand the swings at a $2-5 game let alone these stakes. I look forward to watching a vlog when you are the big winner in a high stakes game. Mariano had his moment in the sun, you’re next!

  13. this will always be your moment that you look back on, “biggest pot i ever played” and “worst hand i ever played” while you work as a barista

  14. Nice job, Rampage! Happy for you that you were able to separate the stakes from the strat and go for it in big spots, even though it didn’t work out in this one. Always fun to watch!

    1. @LEW39 He can play these stakes .. he’s just ‘tryharding’ more often than he should only because he’s on live stream.

    2. @im godlike he literally said that whilst he was not broke, the loss was a “horrendous hit”. Obviously took a massive punt at a couple of games he was not rolled for, and got the worst case scenario. Honestly, everyone telling him he’ll do better next time, or how great he is, clearly don’t care about the kid

    3. @LEW39 tell me where he rates among that table and the standard Hustler stream players

  15. I’m rooting for you, Ethan, because you’re entertaining to watch – you’re good for the game.

    Feels like you’re not adjusting though. You barely got away with a couple of the bluffs – against both the 10s and Ks. I get the impression you feel the need to try it routinely here too. I think it’s losing strategy long term at this level. Bluff, yes, but learn to let stuff go or book a small win only. Good luck my dude.

  16. Garret’s and Tiger’s reaction to that bluff on Nik is GOLD. Never seen Tiger smile. 😂

  17. Game Selection is the most important skill in poker. It is more important than learning the hand rankings… lol. Tough break Rampage! Better luck in the future.

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