Playing One of Poker’s Legends Maria Ho and SHE HAS ACES! | Poker Vlog #423

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Playing One of Poker's Legends Maria Ho and SHE HAS ACES! | #423

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  1. The fact that you said “hope your aces hold up this time” and then proceeded to crack her aces is just brutal 😭😂

    1. @BBinette630 watch the video then read comments afterwards, that’s how that works

    2. @BBinette630 Maybe watch the video next time before letting your eyes read the first comment… 👀

    3. Also brutal how you just shoved her aces aside and grabbed her chips right away. Gimme gimme gimme!

  2. I hope Maria Ho returns to live steam games. She was doing well in the Live at the Bike streams

    1. The thing about Maria is she has tons of work outside of poker playing like commentating and stuff so you don’t get to see her as much

  3. Eager for thursday’s vlog lol lets goooo! Thanks for letting me “SWEAT” it out with you.

  4. Maria’s always appeared to be polite and a great personality at the table.

  5. Yo! You’ve met me at Chasers. This is Matt from a few videos. Just wanna say that you’re awesome man. Your videos are inspiring and transparent which is good. Keep grinding man. Proud of you on your success. Keep in touch kid. Keep crushing.

    1. Are you really hoping for him to respond and say…”I love you too Matthew!! I can’t believe we’ve never met before, but when we do meet I’ll tell you I love you face to face”

  6. Little note: the KK hand you displayed at 7:08 was beautifully edited, no need to dally on a hand with not too much happening in it, shows you respect the flow of the video and know how to show the gain and move on. Kudos!

    1. It’s such a little thing that makes a big difference in quality and efficiency

  7. Man, oh, man… Lol. Maria Ho is one class act and one of my favorite players. Nice run though, bro. Absolutely love your vlogs. 👍

  8. Haha you are the luckiest poker player alive my friend. Congrats on the deep run this far!

  9. Sick run as usual lol. I need to learn the secrets of how to occasionally run above expectation lol. Can’t wait for thursday’s vid

  10. love your content. one thing about splitting tournament vlogs into 2 is that people who find the entries later on have a hard time seeing them in order or even finding them.

  11. Hey Ethan. Ive watched this channel since basically day 1. Ive seen every video. Over that time you have turned into a solid player. You take lumps like all of us. But your game has evolved quickly. Keep up the good work. Oh and ine more thing chill on the dodgers apparel that I see from time to time. Go Sox!!!!

  12. I love your Tournament videos, Thank you. It’s an itch that Brad Owen definitely doesn’t scratch.

  13. Ethan, you seem to be the master at tournament play! Looking forward to part II

  14. Dude I just want to finally see you play a session where you play solid poker and get a few back to back sessions where you don’t get to bink your chase every damn hand. It is amazing how lucky you are.

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