Playing in a $50,000 Pot With THE NUTS!? | Rampage Poker Vlog

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Playing in a $50,000 Pot With THE NUTS!? | Rampage

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  1. Thanks bro as I will buy some stake in the USD1M buy in . Good luck 🍀 buddy.

  2. On the J8dd hand, why did you pull the 2k river bet back and put it in your stack after he called???

  3. i am an international student and weighing my option on starting poker full time after following you since 75k subs. all love

  4. J8s hand, you pulled back your 2K River bluff, then muck cards???? Did deal resolve this huge mistake?

  5. When you bet 2,000 with J8dd on the double paired 3 flush board and opponent called, why did you put the two 1,000$ chips back on your stack?

    1. I noticed that too and thought I missed something there ? Hopefully that player sees this video and makes Rampage unass some chute.

    2. We need an explanation. Based solely on the video, it looks like he took back his $2000 and put it on his stack, and the dealer didn’t notice and shoved the pot towards the player.

      I’ve checked the comments today and he hasn’t replied to anyone clarifying this. Did he pay the player after the video ended? Did the dealer catch this mistake? If not, he needs to track that player down and pay him the $2000.

    3. Looks like he puts it back then picks up other chips and throws it to them, don’t think anyone’s gonna let a pot size bet go unpaid

    1. Yes. You always have to be on the lookout for this sort of shady behavior when playing live. The dealers don’t always notice (or care) especially when the player is tossing them $10 nonchalantly every hand

    2. @@ericknight2934 idk I would notice a $2k discrepancy and call someone over. Those chips look way different.

  6. 5:44 Definitely decreases your chances of losing when you put your losing 2k river bet back in your stack haha.

    1. Yeah…. Was just about to comment. Looks like he might have thrown it after he picked it up and placed it in his stack but really that’s a stretch still wtf

  7. 500/1000 with a 1mm buy in is pretty wild. Feels like 500k would be more appropriate but then again I feel like high stakes plays a lot differently than even 5/10 with a 5k cap

  8. Hero: “Playing in a $50k pot with the nuts”

    Narrator: “he did not, in fact, have the nuts”

    1. It’s definitely a pattern where Rampage talks about having “the nuts”, when he doesn’t have the freaking nuts!

    2. it’s common for people to refer to a range of hands as “the nuts”. on the flop it was essentially the nuts since villain couldn’t have quads and there was only 3 reasonable boat combos. by the river he had the best non boat hand but the types of hands villain could have that beat him are so rare itd be a huge leak to not treat his hand like “the nuts”. Just a different way of looking at the game

    3. @Close Hiveminded He means that he has the best possible hand compared to the villains range of hands

    4. @@greenranger4475 He has the nuts because the hands beating him are not in villains range due to preflop action (J2, 22). Same on the turn, theoretically 3s shouldn’t be in there so its reasonable to still assume u have the nuts or you have to put him on 33 with his turn bet

  9. Lol @ the plug in on the floor. Thats a G move. Only plug it in when you having company 😂😂

  10. Really enjoy your content and especially that you share “those sessions,” the ones where no matter what we do we find ourselves one card behind. Not all vloggers have the courage to show down sessions.

  11. I actually love youre tournament Vlogs. I hope you do more at some point. Btw will you play some tournaments @ wsop? I would love those Vlogs
    Either way good luck man and thanks from Latvia for videos!

  12. Showing some love! Man it’s dope watching the development from YouTube to WSOP app seeing ya on there. Congrats on the success

  13. I enjoy all your content Rampage and watching you bust out of tournaments time and time again and seeing you pissed is also highly entertaining. Keep up the punts my man !

    1. @@xaviererickson3351 Nothing he is awesome. I’ve been watching him since his 1/2 days at Boston Bar.

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