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Playing a $70,000 POT with ACES! |

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  1. “flop comes Q T 5 Rainbow” *graphic shows a 3*, *2 visible on the board* Not important but hilarious.

    1. @@mattmanv3Everyone stands, with the winners of hands get to sit down. “Last player standing” pays off everyone else. Most games have buttons with “nit” on them, with each winner giving their button back to the dealer. Last with their button pays off everyone else. I even suggested a version where “7-2” is played as long as someone has a nit button. You win with 7-2 pre-river, everyone pays the winner a bounty (but he must show 7-2 to turn in button) with those with buttons paying double. Winning with 7-2 at river gets double. LOSING with 7-2 at river means loser pays everyone while those without buttons get double instead. And if a hand goes to the river, ALL players must show, no exceptions.

    2. a comma would go a long way there. but yeah that’s pretty good 😂 You see at least one or two hands every video where the commentary doesn’t match the graphics/board but this is the first I’ve seen the commentary, graphics, and board all have different cards lmao

    3. Right?! Bro, every vlogger always misreads the hands. I don’t get it, it’s in every video.

  2. Your honesty is Always Much Appreciated- You keep it real everytime.. I really respect that!

  3. I love playing tournament, however, cash game I’m not so great. Always love your vids!!! You can only sun-run for 6 months straight, and don’t sun-run a month. Then you’ll be sun-running again, I have faith!!! A win is a win!!!

  4. 8:16 but JT doesn’t have a heart so they split one board and 45ss takes the second board ?
    keep up the videos I love your stuff

    1. yeah, jt gets quartered and ethan doesn’t have a heart either so he’d only win the first board and chop the second.

  5. Great Stuff @Rampage, Keep them wins up. Would love to gamble with yall one of these days. Take it easy man.

    1. I believe it, but losing 1k$ in a game with rampage is something def worth it in my opinion@@Bradydog-in7ut

  6. your play style works so much better for big cash games rather then tourneys, nice win

    1. I’m just curious why do you say that? I’d like to hear your take on it. I’m trying to learn more and would appreciate your insight

    2. @@Fuentesico I feel his style is much better for tournaments. These guys in cash games have a LOT of money. You make a raise, it does not hurt them. In a tournament, you are OUT.

  7. how did they chop it up? there was a flush on one board, and a pair of 5’s looked good on the other?

  8. AJ hand, the 45ss hit the 5 on the top board and a straight on the bottom board. Why did they chop?

  9. hey Ethan, regarding the contest on X or Twitter or whatever the hell it’s called do you have to have the checkmark certified account or anybody with any Twitter account that re-tweets is eligible?

  10. Darn, I miss watching this HCL live stream and will need to watch the opponent vs EY’s AA

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