Playing a $54,000+ POT And I Have 2 PAIR! High Stakes Poker Action | Poker Vlog #413

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Playing a $54,000+ POT And I Have 2 PAIR! High Stakes Poker Action | Poker #413

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  1. 21:18 for people who want numbers
    0:00 for the start of the vlog
    Easier to feel less bad because you now have external revenue due to your channel, knowing you’ll get it back that way. When you started 1/2 and 1/3 the money was more meaningful, not saying losing 50k is not that but you have the ability to get it back easier then 1/2-1/3

    1. I still feel like losing 140-150k in a few days is a large hit. YouTube isn’t generating a million a year. I’m sure the merch and promos definitely help soften the blow. But based on what is presented on the vlogs, a 150k hit has to take some damage.

    2. @Phillies Phanatic he has done a video on his current revenue from YouTube while it isn’t the whole amount, he will be fine compared to the regulars like us.

    3. @cactuarnoob100 yeah no doubt. Not to mention he has months of backlogged vlogs. If he ever went busto, he could let them catch up and have a BR again before they run out n

    1. @Carl Felstiner true … but the point is : no Need to burn through all them bags of cash at once in nose bleed games he sux at, vs more experienced folks with deeper pockets 🤷

    2. It won’t last long at these stakes. You can make a nice living playing 5/10 and he plays better at those stakes.

    3. @hi6go7 dude he sits with 108k at the table. I hope he has like 1 million roll for that at least. Otherwise ROR is too high and he can’t sustain the swings.

    4. @Carl Felstiner It doesn’t seem like he can afford 100k losses monthly, let alone weekly.

  2. Thanks for having the courage to share these tough losses. Better days lie ahead.

    1. He is very courageous for not wearing a mask out there. He literally could have died from the virus!

    2. @Ghost of Gary Coleman The courage equivalent to war heroes of antiquity.

  3. Really appreciate the content and riding the highs and lows with you. I watched you on the live stream and always rooting for you and Mariano. It’s tough but know you will bounce back on this one.

  4. Keep your head up Ethan! You just had a rough session – getting sucked out on and coolered. You’ve got the skill and composure to play with the best of the best!

    1. Bro stop encouraging him,the guy is gonna bust his banroll in no tome.go back to 2/5 bro

    2. Also, if you think your K with no kicker is good on the flop, raise the flop.

  5. Win or lose you always have class! Much respect 🙏 ♠️♥️♦️♣️

  6. I cant wait for the this is the most money i made video!! You got this brother the lows have to happen so we can enjoy the highs and wins even more!! Blessings your way!! You got this!!!

  7. Another fantastic video Buddy, great not having Art adverts 🤣🤣🤣, extremely unlucky with that 2 pairs as the straight was not something most people would of put him on.. the highs and lows are brutal but you gotta ride it out, great to be on the journey with you.

  8. Your always a true inspiration to all us grinders. Even when you lose you know how to take it on the chin. Keep up the great play your a true champ.

  9. I love your “never give up” attitude, bro. You are doing well overall.

  10. This may come off as brash but I think Rampage just needs to play some lower stakes games. Every time these high stakes videos come out it seems like he’s just straight up out of his depth. We don’t always need to see these huge pots to enjoy your poker successes, 5-10 is plenty large and is very enjoyable to watch. Nobody wants to see him go bankrupt and not be able to make these videos anymore.

  11. Go rampage go! I feel your downswing, been there at a 20k level, you got the talent! Go Ethan!

  12. dude you are the man. as long as you know you’ll be fine financially, the wins will come right for you. i love your videos keep it up! maybe tighten your range a bit?

  13. Huge thanks for letting us know your huge lows as well as your huge ups!! Keep up going!!!

  14. Thanks for sharing! You got unlucky in some big spots but you played well!
    Anyways good luck for tomorrow mate and maybe sell some action or go back to some lower stakes and tourneys to get the bankroll up !
    We are with you

  15. You got this bro. I’m new to poker and just discovered your channel last week but let me tell you how awesome your videos are, you inspire me to be better and have helped me learn so much! I hope you get to feeling better and winning tomorrow. You got this man!!

  16. What a burn! We have all been there, just not at this level. I know Ethan’s studied a lot about poker; it may be time to pick up a book or two on money management! Time to rebuild; we’ll see you back at Boston billiards at the $1-$2 table.

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