Picking Up Momentum! | Road to $1,000,000 Episode 6


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Picking Up Momentum! | Road to $1,000,000 Episode 6

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    1. @@RampagePoker Glad to see the comeback! No more punts, your energy through doubts is inspiring.

  1. I bet sometimes the best part of having Wolfgang show up in your vlog is editing him out. haha

  2. At the end of the series, i would love to see that you don’t say anymore: „im calling with a bad hand, because its only X amount“

  3. Much more disciplined play but the big hands were lucky ones. Keep up the good work and don’t fall back into punting! Keep milking that rep instead. We’re rooting for you.

  4. You can actually win big pots when you got something good, since your image is so bad now lmao, let’s go

  5. KK hand vs Nick, I like the read to flat and see if the tight-agg player RRs, but I’m not a fan of the Turn bet. If we’re hoping for the “overpair under Kings” like you said on the flop, we don’t make much betting turn (as many of those just fold now like Nick did). With two flush draws, vs this lineup, if we’re gonna try to use the “Rampunts” image to get paid, I think we make more more often checking the Turn and blasting the river. If the flushes get there, we already have the boat, and if not, it looks more like we missed the draws.

  6. @rampage yo huge fan of the content. can you release your shorts after you release the vlogs? it’s kind of a spoiler for everything that happens in the vlog. I know you’ll get ur money back, keep it up king

  7. Thanks Rampage. KK = A magnet. GL (Side question: Do you know the meaning of that painting behind you on the wrap up? )

  8. Don’t be fooled, he is editing out the punts. He ended that last hand up ~$16k, but ended the session only up $7k… I wish you well Ethan, I just hope you are doing what makes you happy.

  9. Remember, there will be good days and bad days ahead. Just make sure you win as much as possible on good days and lose as little as possible on bad days.

  10. Some discipline creeping into your game at last! It will stand you in good stead. All the best…

  11. You’re streaking again, Congrats man! One more, and you’ll be on fire again like NBA Jam in the 90s.

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