Phil Ivey The GOAT?

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  1. Daniel has to say Phil, because he can’t say himself. Daniel is the GOAT though. He just strikes me as always the most charismatic, the most charming, the funniest, the most endearing, the most disarming, and the downright happiest player in the room. And for all those reasons, the most dangerous, because he’ll make you feel like a million bucks even while he’s taking a million real ones from you.

    1. I’d say Daniel is the most successful Holdem player of all time, Ivey is the most successful all around poker player of all time

    2. That’s not true, he will admit Ivey is definitively a better player then himself

    1. He’s still speaking humbly. A case could be made for Daniel, and he doesn’t bring his own name into that I’ve ever seen, not even when it comes into sections of poker. He’s being modest not to bring up his own name ever when He’s somewhere in the top 5.

  2. Daniel’s graciousness and kind demeanor speaks not only to his intelligence, but to his level of class. Top notch

  3. “Who is the greatest poker player of all time?”
    Phil Hellmuth: *Busts through the wall like the kool-aid man.* “Someone call me?”

  4. The first Phil lex was talking about is Helmuth there’s a lot of Phil’s in poker

  5. I think DN is the goat. When you think about the laser precise reads the guy makes.

  6. He’s such a cool cat is Phil Ivey and that filters into his poker game and as Daniel mentioned he’s so talented across the different types of poker and his consistency over the years is unmatched

  7. What I lika about Daniel is, that he is always learning. He is super intelligent and he combines old school poker with modern poker math, with that unique charisma. There are many good players (Doyle, Ivey, Helmuth, TonyG, etc.), but no one impresses me like Daniel. It is hard to pick a goat though

  8. I think the greatest trait of Phil Ivey is that he would deny everything Daniel said.

  9. I feel the same. Been watching poker from the 90’s. Phil ivey is hands down my favorite player ever. And I feel that he has the most credentials/success in every category. Negreanu is my second best. Not only are they legendary status but also really cool dudes.

  10. I also love how no one minds if Phil Ivey is the GOAT, and Daniel is the perfect person to pitch it.

  11. No doubt, Ivey is amazing and extremely consistent. He is the best player in the game today.

  12. Sammy farha was another top character imo. Watching them after dark games with Daniel aswell was genuinely like watching a movie the big characters. I miss them games.

  13. And this is why I like Daniel. He’s so damn good at reading his opponents but yet he’s humble enough to recognize other greats.

    By the way, I feel that Phil Ivey is also the goat.

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