Phil Ivey Cracks Pocket Aces at World Series of Poker 2022!

plays the $100,000 High-stakes Gambler No Limit Hold 'em final table at the 2022 World Series of and cracks pocket aces to survive !!

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Cracks Pocket Aces at World Series of 2022!

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    1. @Peter Kerr yeah high stakes. Just think the dynamic would be epic would love to see it.

    2. ​@Peter Kerr ya but Helmuth also never has all of himself. he has a ton of rich friends that love to buy his action, and then Helmuth profits off the markup.

    3. @Hugh Jorgan Hellmuth also won 9 of those bracelets before poker exploded and regular people started going to these events.

    4. Helmuth vs Ivey is something that is unlikely to happen.
      First: regardless of what Helmuth says or whatever bravado he spews, he knows he’s a real dog when HU vs Ivey. Even in NL. Secondly: Ivey wouldn’t play unless it was worth his time monetarily. So he probably would want like $500k+ if it’s HU, which I don’t see Helmuth agreeing to.
      It just won’t work out, and thankfully for Helmuth, cuz he’d lose it all if they played 10+ hours.

  1. Even GOATs needs luck lol.
    Ivey Vs Hellmuth. No Bracelets. No titles. This needs to be settled once and for all. Ivey for the W. First time I’ve heard Heath say anything ever lol

  2. No, no, no. You’re back to spoiling the hand in the title. There’s zero need for it.

    1. Or just “aces on the final table with just 3 players left” or “Ivey vs Aces” literally any other title would do!

    2. But no one cares to answer clickbait questions anymore… just tell us it’s Aces getting cracked. We all still watched wondering if it came on the turn or river

    1. Never understood running it twice, who wants to chop a pot? Not me, one or three times only

  3. Heath probably deserved this braclet he played amazing, but short term variance doesn’t care about deserve!

  4. He has cold blood as usual. I noticed that he takes long time to make a decision when he gets 3-bet along this tournament.

  5. Seems odd watching a sell your plasma commercial right before watching a $100k high roller. 🤣

    1. That may be true majority of the time, but Ivey taking this risk with no fear to become the chip leader is why he’s the goat. The difference between him and you is that he doesn’t complain when he misses his flush whereas you tell everyone how unlucky you are.

    2. @Yung Goosbump s If that’s the difference, you’ve got it all figured out. But, why aren’t you the poker champ yet?🤔

  6. Lo ponéis de crack y en esta mano tiene más suerte que la ostia….

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