Phil Ivey Cracks Kings to Burst $100,000 High Roller Bubble! #shorts

The last table of the $100,000 High Roller Bounty at the 2022 World Series of is set! The last table is led by Chance Kornuth followed by David Peters, Ali Imsirovic, Dario Sammartino, and reigning Centerpiece champ Koray Aldemir.

Soon after breaking the bubble, Phil fell simply short of making the live-streamed Final 5. View the last table on PokerGO at 5pm ET.

Phil Cracks Kings to Burst $100,000 High Roller Bubble! #shorts

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    1. If it wasn’t for your mom and dad sleeping together 13 years ago, you never would have been created.

    2. Poker, like life, isn’t fair. Poker pros are luckier than normal at critical moments. I’ve witnessed first handed the rise of a poker pro (with $18+m live tournament cash as of 2022) to suck out with a small pair 2 outer in a 5-way all in pot at his very first tournament cash 10+ years ago.

  1. You have no chance. Not only is he better than you. He’s also luckier than you.

    1. @Hayden Baker flop shows 7 and 9 meaning only way phill beats K’s is if another 8 hits or he miraculously hits turn and river for the running straight

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