Phil Ivey BATTLES in a $1,450,000 FINAL TABLE!

BATTLES in a $1,450,000 FINAL TABLE!
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In this video, we discuss a star packed last table, including , Sam Trickett, Paul Phua and much more pros as they fight towards a MILLIONS Super High Roller Series title, in a $1,450,000 reward pool final table!

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Phil Ivey BATTLES in a $1,450,000 FINAL TABLE!

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  1. everyone was at this table… i love how they dont really make a big deal out of all of these people who are actually a big deal to be around

    1. Luck is part of the game. Sometimes ya run good. But the skill is how much value you can get when you do run hot.

    2. I hadn’t even gotten to the part where he busted holding QQ v K10. Now that wasn’t very lucky was it? Lmao

    1. @@jungleworld999 so he was caught for cheating in something else but he’s not a cheat?

    1. Фашистов у себя поищи, а Фил красавчик;)

  2. Sam Tricket looks ruff in this video because I didn’t recognize him until I saw his first name,but still wasn’t sure that it was him until they showed his full name?🤔😕

    1. poker in gambling. Gambing is based on luck but individual luck and skill goes hand and hand.

  3. What’s with the anti Russian stuff? What’s even Russian about his hat? Is it just a souvenir from his travels?

    1. Right? I mean worldclass.

      I would have 100% no questions asked gone broke.

    2. ​@@laylowbNetherlandsthe paired board made the decision easier. Ivey does not have many bluffs in that situation

    3. @ohtani2024  agreed, but let me tell you a couple of three things:
      1. Forget coco
      2. Forget Fat Dom who goes over to Jersey, never to come back
      3. 20 fucking years

  4. It’s strange that he’s wearing a cap like that. it spoils the impression of him

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