Phil Hellmuth: White Magic Revealed!

Phil Hellmuth shared his white magic capabilities with 4-Time champion Andre Iguodala!

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Phil Hellmuth: White Magic Revealed!

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    1. I think this was when he first got the transplant. Apparently it takes a year or more to really grow.

  1. daniel is trying to make fun of phil but this is a cool thing phil should brag about

    1. It sounds like he’s actually talking him up a bit, Phil’s all smiles over there

    2. @@_samp10000% this a Dnegs showing respect to his peer and fellow legend it’s 2 of the most respected player sat at a table with new gens telling them old fun stories 0 making fun of being done I agree

    1. They also go over the dialogue before the show so it didn’t come as a surprise to Jimmy when Phil’s name was mentioned

  2. He really stole that from that was my name since i was in 7th grade

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