Phil Hellmuth vs Scott Seiver | High Stakes Duel $800,000 Match Best Hands

and battled on High Stakes Battle III Round 4 with $800,000 on the line, however who came out on top? The winner advances to the $1,600,000 match to be played after the 2022 World Series of !

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vs | $800,000 Match Best Hands

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    1. you know phil doesnt do equity, ranges and overall modern pocker strategy, he has READS and Scott just had a jack at that spot, doesnt matter what the tv shows, it was wrong

    2. @niklFIT i can’t tell if you’re saying in Phil’s eyes or you genuinely believe the TV was wrong and seiver had a J

    3. @cory creshaw nah he had a jack for sure if he has a jack he has a straight which is better than trips

    4. @cory creshaw from Phil’s perspective. I dont have to a poker pro to know that was an easy call as Phil’s equity was well and beyong the relative bet size. But Phil probably had the same exact scenerio against Scott in the past and just put him on a straight, plus the hero folds is something Phil enjoys and talks about for the next couple years…

    5. @niklFIT perhaps he also knew the risk was just not worth the potential bad beat after their conversation and Scott said he had a Jack. He figured I’ll just fold and make sure to stay in this thing. I mean in head to head you can win with very low hands you don’t have to expect the big boys to always win for you. 2s and 3s can win you the match in h2h. And in fact eventually does for Phill. He just knows he doesn’t have to freak out over trips now with the straight practically on the board. Just wait for the right time and he does.

    1. because I only like to watch Phil get beat and so does 90% of the community

      it’s lonely at the top

    2. Better click through rates when it’s titled “Phil blow ups” lol

  1. Watching Phil lose and rage about how “unlucky” he is feels so relatable to playing online

    1. Lol fancy seeing you here. Your chess traps, though they never come up in a game for me, are fun to watch.

  2. How awesome would like to see sum of the EV for every street, every hand and every duel that phil had play to see if he is getting lucky or it’s just better than the competition?

    1. They all just overplay ridiculously.
      You have T6os and Bet 14k
      Phil insta raises to 60k

      Please tell me ONE hand Hellmuth does that with that you’re beating?
      (The answer is, he doesn’t have one)

    2. @Frank I believe in him, I just wanna to see it in numbers per decision. I think he is the only one capable of folding big hands and he is not afraid of getting bluff like the rest. He understand that this is not a cash game, it’s a sit and go and therefor there a payout implications. He is the best talking in the table, something that you must do in a televised head up, I think other players get distracted and give to much information because they not use to talk in every hand

  3. I like when Hellmuth saw the Quads and was speechless. Basically a tip your hat moment! That was great!

  4. As much as i use to hate Seiver, over the years he’s gotten way better. This is pure comedy. “Over the ace?”

  5. Funny how Phil is always such a gracious and honorable winner, but he throws a fit like a child whenever it doesn’t go his way.

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