Phil Hellmuth Tries Epic Bluff with 9-High vs Scott Seiver

Say what you will about Phil Hellmuth however we know he's not scared! Check out this versus Scott Seiver with $800,000 on the line on 3 Round 4. Searching for more High Stakes Battle action? Have A Look At Phil Hellmuth's next match for $1,600,000 versus Jason Koon on, on December 7 at 8:00 pm ET.

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Phil Hellmuth Tries Epic with 9-High vs Scott Seiver

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  1. Scott Seiver finally got an adult haircut! 😂👍🏻 Looking like Jonah Hill from SuperBad for the Longest time

  2. I definitely like to watch this entire match, I have a feeling I know where I can see it… Too bad it’s not YouTube 🤪

  3. Hellmuth is very arrogant but still classy for not showing the bluff like kaussof.

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