Phil Hellmuth Nine-High Bluff, Like a Boss? #poker #shorts

Phil Hellmuth tries a versus Scott Seiver with $800,000 on the line on ! Enjoy the complete show on

Phil Hellmuth Nine-High , Like a Boss? #poker #shorts

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  1. Satisfying, but would have been way better to see Seiver sitting there with his usual jaw dropped angry stare, like he just tasted garbage

  2. Did Hellmouth forget to put his other jacket sleeve on ? lol .. or he thinks hes creating a distraction.? hah

  3. I find Hellmuth’s game weak….if you watch him enough, you can tell just how he sounds/bets when he’s bluffing/has a hand

    1. Hellmuth would rob you blind. He is probably the greatest tournament player of all time, which means he beats players that are worse than him, which you are and so is everyone in these comments.

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