Phil Hellmuth Melt Down with Queen-Six versus Aces! #shorts #poker

Phil Hellmuth faces Jason Koon with $1.6 million on the line and chooses to run a crazy at the wrong time!

Watch the complete match here:

Phil Hellmuth Melt Down with Queen-Six versus Aces! #shorts #poker

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  1. Jason ran hotter than the sun yesterday but you can’t use that to entirely explaining him winning when Phil was three betting with 7 4 off multiple times and 5 betting Q6 off. A lot of it was self inflicted

  2. Where’s the PH meltdown? Time to say goodbye to your channel from my YouTube feed.

    1. He did melt down right after he was crying about how dumb he was for like 15 minutes

  3. Wow what a melt down, Phil really went off the rails here. Fantastic short by PokerGO. Really showing the intense meltdown of Phil Helmuth versus Jason. Can’t believe Phil was allowed to continue on after such an insane meltdown, thanks again PokerGO. Couldn’t have been enlightened to this one without your help, always appreciated. Please post more Phil meltdowns like this one!

    1. Six-betting with Q6 isn’t melting down? We gotta make sure to invite you to our next home game.

  4. Imagine if Koon had just smooth called here 😅 could have been over.

    Was a pretty dominating match tbf.

  5. This play made no sense. If koon had made a habit of 3/4 betting light then a move like this is warranted, but only with hands that play well post flop (QJs, 910s, K10s). If koon just calls here there’s almost no way to play this after the flop unless he gets super lucky

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