Phil Hellmuth Gets Super Lucky Against Tom Dwan!

and Tom played a $400,000 heads-up match on High Stakes Battle inside the PokerGO Studio last month in which the 15-time World Series of bracelet winner got extremely fortunate on this hand!

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Gets Super Lucky Against Tom !

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  1. He is extremely lucky, and cries after any bad beat he gets where someone gets lucky. He’s an amazing player but is a cry baby

    1. @Doña Blijden keep telling yourself that, you guys are the reason he keeps making millions in cash games

    2. @James Pack *loses millions in cash games. Theres a reason he only plays with Silicon Valley CEO’s and Matusows recreational pals in cash home games.

  2. Super Lucky? Maybe standard lucky. Seems like a pretty common draw out. No one’s ever hit trips on the turn heads up?

    1. It’s kind of lucky after the pre flop bet, but yeah it was nothing special. Dwan should have shoved on the flop

  3. Dwan prob loved his 10’s since that’s what he beat hellmuth with last time heads up. Pocket 10’s vs pocket rockets

  4. I always love Tom’s *sigh* call.

    He always looks at something in the distance to his left or right and does a no-look call.

  5. I’ll say this hand won Hellmuth the heads up. Definitely a huge luck. I think Dwan beats him 7 out of 10 times.

  6. When the opponent bets chips he has waiting at the flop on the turn he has a set.

  7. This hand was basically the turning point of the match where Phil got OOL pre and sucked out pretty hard in a very big spot. But people will still say that he outplayed Dwan

  8. Tom’s expression just always looks the way I look when I’m on 4 hours of sleep

  9. I expected Phil to win this match, but he got lucky in several big pots. I think Tom wins the 3rd if/when they meet again. Tom understands Phil better than anyone. This hand was headed for a punt for Phil of around 60k plus but binks the turn with 74. If that 7 doesn’t hit he fires and Tom picks him off and has huge chip lead

    1. It’s a coin flip..the best player in the world HU will beat an average player 7/10 need hundreds of hours to really tell who has the edge.

  10. Tom: just stares at pot in silence, wondering how Phil re raised with 7 4 and got lucky on the turn

    Phil if roles were reversed: psh, re raise with 7 4 off suit. Spikes a miracle on the turn. Nice dealing buddy.. mighty fine dealing. You know I haven’t won a pot once against this guy all night. He keeps re raising me all night. Internet player. I mean come on.. that’s why I’m the 16 time bracelet winner. I mean come on, this guy has all chips, he won’t even last 2 more orbits 🤦🏻‍♂️ if I ever stick my money in with 7-4 off suit. HONEY HE CALLED WITH 7-4! I had tens. I’m supposed to go broke on that hand honey

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