Patrik Antonius Considers a Loose Call vs Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu and Patrik Antonius square off in a fascinating hand on Poker After Dark!

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Patrik Antonius Considers a Loose Call vs Daniel Negreanu

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    1. @@Dadbod007Daniel’s betting here doesn’t make sense unless he has trip nines or something weird happened. If he had Ace high there’s no reason to bet the turn since he has the best hand a lot of the time and he won’t get called by air. Then when the Ace comes, if he had a 7 or another pair, he has a hard time better for value again, since Patrik could have been calling with Ace high. He’s basically repping a 9 or that he made a weird-ish bet on the turn with something weak then also hit the Ace on the river, which he did. Ace-7 actually makes some sense too.

    2. he has to bet his 2x for protection to check river with position patrick almost never has sets his range is made up of ashigh and kx, and then on the river cbet x value patrick doesn’t win nda daniel has ax playing check call flop and if he converts it bluffing on the turn to check river would also make sense and if cbet river could have more when cbet 3/4 TWO TIMES

  1. Almost a must call the way Patrick played the hand with this pot odds.

  2. i think call is very bad fold or a raise blocking AK AJ could be in some situation

  3. I miss Gus Hansen…. What happened to him? Why is he not playing anymore?

    1. Only Gui Laliberté lost more on Full Tilt than Gus – and he was a billionaire.

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