Patrik Antonius & Andrew Robl Clash in One of the Biggest Cash Game Pots of All-Time!

No Gamble No Future brought us one of the greatest stakes money video games ever telecasted and on this hand poker legends Andrew Robl and Patrik Antonius clash with $1.2 million in the middle! This is among the biggest hands ever televised!

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Patrik Antonius & Andrew Robl Clash in One of the Biggest Cash Game Pots of All-Time!

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  1. The best part is the limp-fold 1/10 stack Persson.The man indeed has no gamble and little future. At least in poker.

    1. His gambling losses are just being written off as business expenses. According to rumours that is.. But it would explain his play

    2. His 91k stack is more than you have in your bank account and assets 😂😂

    3. @@qwertz721 It sounds like you are following this closer than I am, but he could easily write off his losses as ‘advertising’ since he promotes the heck out of Maverick Gaming (to the extent of wearing clothing, opponents wearing maverick hats, and even having his own YouTube channel with clips of big hands)

    4. Persson was just doing a deal for 90 million that he was thinking of giving to his son. I think he has a pretty bright future in poker.

    5. He’s pretty bad at poker but the dude is a massive action player and owns casinos lol

    1. But it is not that hard against someone like PA,who is not afraid of making big calls.He might even call down with something like AQ with a spade.

    2. ​@@user-ly5oo2hd7p AQ ace of spades would be a terrible call. If he was bluffing or semi bluffing he’d pretty much always be doing it with the As. Having that takes out so many of his bluffs in this spot

    3. @@user-ly5oo2hd7p do not undermine Robl, he played that hand perfectly

    4. @@afrochickenboy But it also blocks his most likely flushes,like AKs,AQs,AJs and so on,so the card is fine.He might bluff with J+a spade or T+a spade his 3bet is pretty wide in the spot even tho it is 50k+.

  2. Patrik lost 1.1m in this hand because of the bounty they had set aside for who had the most chips at the end of the session. Easy come easy go

    1. @@user-ly5oo2hd7p learn to read my dude. There was a side bet on this event on if you were the biggest winner you would win an extra 600k after the session ended. This was near the end and Patrick had a big lead to win the 600k but after losing this hand in then end Robl ended up winning the 600k side bet. That’s what op was talking about the 600k side bet plus the 600k this hand

    2. @@user-ly5oo2hd7p there was a bonus to whoever won the most money at the end of the session and it was $500,000. Meaning him losing this pot made him no longer the biggest winner

    3. ​@@user-ly5oo2hd7p he lost another 600k bounty prize because if this hand

  3. If this was a 1/2 game turn would have went check check, river would have also went check check after spades came in

    1. Maybe,but they also play any suited hand or Nit it up at 1/2.Against any fish it is easy 3x value bet,same with any battling regular.

  4. Who would’ve thought Andrew Robl would become this deepstack cash game endboss?
    Definitely not me when he first came onto the scene, I thought he was terrible lol

    1. right? He did get lucky in Bitcoin I think as well, but he’s def a great player who has continued to improve throughout the years

    2. ​@@RM79822 bitcoin luckbox was matt kirk. Robl was a straight up Gangster from the start. Played tight on high stakes poker and pokerstars big game because it was the smart thing to do with all those 50% vpip whales, but the man was a sicko from the get go

  5. Andrew Robl being super high stakes specialist now, so successful he’s able to bankroll the scrub JRB

  6. I love how these hands only take 4 mins now. 5 years ago this would have been a 25 min video lol

    1. Because they’re on a time limit now-a-days. Remember when Robl was on the big game and Tony G was complaining how long he was taking?

    2. Shot locks and time chips are one of the best improvements to poker. People who seem to think taking 10 minutes to move changes an outcome – are long gone

    1. For me, the hand would play out the same way with the board pairing on the river.

    2. you’re lucky then. when I have JT suited, the board comes 2 8 9, with 2 of my suit, then I put in stacks of money and I whiff every time.

  7. Are they on a shotclock here? Are there time extensions? Seemed like 2 pretty quick calls by antionus on the turn and river

  8. wow. Just wow. Andrew Robl betting like an absolute boss. To make that pot so big on that board texture is incredible play by Robl.. What a cash game boss. This is a new Robl..

  9. That’s where PA’s profit went down the drain from his EP pot. Shame, great guy to root for

  10. Patrick just got done almost stacking Pearson, that’s why Eric was so short. Then robl proceeds to extract most of Eric’s chips off Patrick

  11. that 3rd spade was very lucky for patrik. likely gets stacked otherwise

  12. so happy to see a shot-clock implemented on these televised shows and more so in the big game events. it’s beyond frustrating when people in timed blinds of rounds eat up minutes of the table’s time

    1. @@Opxbest still does NOT warrant 4 minute decision especially on these live televised shows where that is an agonizingly long time for commentators to continue to make stuff up

    2. ​@larrychatfield man this is not a tournament and it’s not a home game. I’m quite sure everybody at the table is fine with a few minutes to think on a pot and board like that

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