PARTY TIME!!! The WSOP isn’t over yet – 2022 WSOP Poker Vlog Day 37

It has been a rough and it's time to let loose before the final 2 weeks of occasions. Plus I recall at the big hand from Day 1 of the Main Event.

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Nbhd Nick – Great Die Young

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PARTY TIME!!! The WSOP isn't over yet – 2022 WSOP Poker Day 37

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  1. Daniel, I was playing a $25 NLH tourney last night, and wanted to give you a bit of advice. 🙂 JK.

    Really enjoyed your vlog the past 37 days. Thanks for what you add to the poker community.

  2. I appreciate you posting these vlogs. It’s been brutal to watch, I can’t imagine what it’s like for you to go through it. Don’t listen to the haters.

    I know you’re gonna get that next bracelet someday, just can’t wait to watch!

    Keep moving forward! That’s how winning is done.

    1. I understand
      👋🏻👆🏻 *DM, let’s talk.* 📩📩

    2. Obviously he will get another one. But he has to play differently. And also win some all ins lol

    3. Definitely my favorite player read all your books watch and rewatched vlogs. Hopefully I get to meet you one day and play against you as well. Block out the haters.

  3. Daniel confused by people wearing expensive designer hoodies and T shirts and then proceeds to show a wardrobe full of high end shoes and trainers haha love it

    1. I understand
      👋🏻👆🏻 *DM, let’s talk.* 📩📩

  4. That uber driver was literally the sweetest lady and her hight pitch tone was perfect for her caracter

  5. You have a wonderful way of looking at the world, Daniel. Great philosophy. So, do you know what you should have done? ….. ah, never mind 🙂 . Good luck to you!

  6. This run is exactly what has happen to me over the last 5 months…but the second half will be amazing! LFG!

  7. I’m in Vegas and am almost more excited about seeing what Daniel does than I am for going deep in my events. lol. There is nothing better than watching Daniel being Daniel. Much Canadian Love.

  8. I can’t wait to see how he feels in tomorrows vlog lol. “Where’s my car broooo”

  9. That was fun! Good that he was able to burn a lot of the crap off from the last few weeks. I hope it clears his head … after the hangover 🤣🤣

  10. Damn, watching this VLOG, made me feel like I was drunk also. I can relate, I use to get drunk and was loud and crazy in my 20’s . I’m 46 now, around the same age as Daniel. I still drink from time to time, and I can tell you Daniel is gonna be feeling that vicious hangover the next day. Hangovers are 100x worse as you get older. At least he didn’t get drunk and lose 60k which what I believe was his while bank roll back in the day. I read that story on his blog like 20 years ago. Been a fan for a long time.

    1. Eddie, you are so right about hangovers getting worse as we age! That’s the only reason I stopped drinking 8 years ago (I am 60). I sure hope Daniel’s luck changes for the better tomorrow (today?).

    2. I understand
      👋🏻👆🏻 *DM, let’s talk.* 📩📩

    3. Omg they are so bad!!! I’ve always gotten ruthless hangovers but I don’t drink anymore, last week I drank 2 beers and i sh you not I had a hangover !!! I felt dehydrated and just crappy…….i cannot believe it

  11. Lol loved this vlog! It really showed your personality outside the poker table and I enjoyed every minute!


    You should know that we understand ❤ and we love you bro 🇨🇦 we play poker too, hell you inspired most of us to start playin poker 😂 I know it does not lessen the blow or ease the pain, but we will keep cheering you on, until those final tables and 1st place finishes, cause we believe in you, we trust you, we know u da best, u da goat ❤

  13. I could clearly see myself on the hand you’ve played at the start of the video, and every single poker player does. It was a such a good spot, so much ded money in the pot / good 3way equity, but losing it to the runout is as much of a “such is life” as it gets. Keep going!

    1. DM let’s talk about investment / advice’s on how to trade,☝️☝️

  14. I love Daniel and he’s an absolute poker idol of mine. I respect him in every way and felt horrific for him watching the run bad unfold over this series. However, watching him drunk is excruciatingly cringey. Me and my Mrs love you Daniel but please don’t post these party vlogs in the future. Also, apart from the food and free booze, this party looked 💩

    1. yep, i feel the same way. he is very cringe and yells a lot. people are giving him looks also.

  15. Man, wish you the best in that journey, Hope you and the wifey are blessed with a child soon. Good luck man!

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