Opponent Jams For THOUSANDS and I Have ACES! | Poker Vlog #486

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Opponent Jams For THOUSANDS and I Have ACES! | Poker #486

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  1. I liked the walking intro today…you should have a doofus follow behind you every time!

  2. Im a pro player from Philippines, just wanna say I watch your vlogs every day

    1. It was an editing error, the Q or the J on flop was not a club, considering he said RAINBOW.

    2. ​@Keith Morreale You’re right. Took me a bit but I saw the Queen of Spades out there, not Queen of Clubs

  3. Always love your videos especially your commentary. At times when you say aiya, damn it, or why do I do this….always ccrack me up!!! 😮😢

  4. Don’t allow anyone to tell you what is and isn’t possible for you. You’re the only one who can dictate what you can and can’t do. You are the controller of your life.

  5. 10:41 You say the 6D changed nothing, but don’t be so sure of that. If your opponent had QT, that 6 counterfeited him by giving you a better two pair. That 6 changes everything.

  6. I have to say that on the first hand the KJ shoving the river was just a “slight” overplay of that hand!! 😂

    1. Agreed, Not sure how Rampage thought he had the nuts with 3 clubs on the board though. I was half expecting a flush to take him down.

  7. Love seeing you enjoy a game at stakes 100x smaller than your HCL shenanigans.

  8. Rampunt is back y’all! LOL
    Keep sending these vids! Very fun to watch you win or lose!

  9. 5:49 you shouldn’t keep your cards in front of the line, that’s a fold in most casinos

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