Old School Poker After Dark Clash: Jamie Gold vs Joe Hachem!

Is sluggish playing? Is he thinking about folding? Take a look at this traditional clash on vs !

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Old School After Dark Clash: vs !

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  1. Jamie Gold wsop run where he won by talking at the tables was some masterclass stuff… till it was shown on t.v and he never won a big tournament again πŸ˜‚

    1. Sure he didn’t win again but he won the only big tournament he needed to win.

    1. @adskully you realize he’s won a couple of bracelets in the past year, right?

  2. It was a stupid call im not gonna disagree with him. The worst part was him check raising flop with an ace with no kicker.

  3. This was back in the day when poker players did as much talking as actually playing lol

  4. Jamie always over played his hands. Couldn’t recognize hitting a wall

  5. What an absolutely nonsensical check raise. Literally lighting money on fire

  6. 𝐎π₯π₯𝐒𝐞 π‰π¨π«ππšπ§ says:

    I hate watching jamie gold play poker and its even worse listening to him. I actually went years after he won the wsop and didn’t watch it bcz i was so fed up with his antics.

  7. Jamie Gold was a $1/2 poker player who won the main event and then bought in to all the hype that he was now the “best poker player in the world” and immediately moved up to high stakes despite not putting in the time to improve his skills to those levels.
    The high stakes pros fleeced him like the rube he was.

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