“OH MY GOD!” – Dramatic Poker Hand at 2023 World Series of Poker in $25,000 Tournament

plays a super crazy hand at the 2023 World Series of !

"OH MY GOD!" – Dramatic Poker Hand at 2023 in $25,000 Tournament

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  1. The dealer mucking Foxen’s hand misreading that the 3’s were the winner was the best part of this hand.

    1. Yeah but the dealer mucked Foxens hand …. Yes she won and had to tell the dealer… Did you muck my hand? I had A7 I win.

  2. The turn was a game saver for foxen. Otherwise she’d definitely kept going and lost

  3. Am I the only one who was expecting a 3 to hit the river? 🤦‍♂️ ❤😂

    1. This is not Grinder vs. Jarvis… 😅
      (And what I mean by that was in that hand it took turns. Flop was giving Grinder the lead, turn gave Jarvis nines full and the river gave Grinder a better full house. So it went back and forth and back again. But the end result was of course boat over boat, same as in this hand)

    1. I’ve seen worse beats in real tournaments that online, I used to be suspect too, but poker is poker.

    1. ​​@@raydowning2902 nope, skills dominated. If I am at that place , then I would check or small bet after turn

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