Nik Airball is ON TILT and Can’t Stop BLUFFING

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Nik Airball is ON TILT and Can't Stop BLUFFING

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  1. The guy who said he’s on an $8m downswing is razzing someone about not having enough balls to sit deep…lol

    1. I don’t understand the correlation. Sure, he’s down piles but he has the balls to sit deep. He can razz anyone he wants about not having the balls. It would make more sense if he was sitting 50k deep razzing someone about not having the balls to play deep. Correlating being down 8 million to playing deep rather than playing poorly makes no sense. He’s down 8 million because he sucks.

    2. You’re helping his argument with this statement lol. But playing poker with your balls is probably a losing strategy in the long run

    3. @Namdrahsirhc I’m not helping his argument at all. Airball playing deep is likely why he’s only down 8 million. This is a guy who lost 10k in a 2/3 nl game, max buyin $500. If he could buy in for 3k in that game, he’d likely have a better chance at success, as he would have everyone covered and can put people in terrible spots. The plays he makes only have a chance of working because of how much he’s sitting with. I would argue if he played more shallow, he’d actually be losing more in the same amount of time… shown when he played PLO, as shown when he played the smaller games on non Friday nights. He loses 10 small buyins instead of 2 big ones. His style can’t win when everyone is priced in to call him.

    4. Airball is a poker pros dream. Totally clueless in poker. Always makes the hero call when he’s behind and folds when he’s ahead.

    5. @A-Town Originaljust out of curiosity, where is this $8 million figure from? Is it documented? Or just a guess? Is it $7 million on hustler and $1m to Berkey?

  2. I wouldn’t call this tilt it’s more like exploitative poker. Also that raise on the river by Mariano was pure genius.

    1. Nik is the one being exploited and he’s the only one that doesn’t realize it 😂 Sure he got some bluffs through but he’s a consistent loser for a reason. Leaky Nik

    2. @happytrailsgaming No I mean exploitative poker by running big bluffs on Nits(Will/Brown Baller/Henry and Mike X to some extent) when you put them on marginal hands that have you beat…. or Over Betting against Sheriff/Call Station type players when you should have the best hand. Bad bluffs would be running the plays he did in this session on Mariano or Andy.

    1. That’s all it is! He folded AA’s on dead board. I agree with another comment that this nothing but entertainment and got time out’d
      showed me that’s all it is airball don’t have $ he is fronted chips to get views.

    2. live streams is pure part of entertainment . lives streams needs entertainment people they don’t invite players that are boring because it will lose viewers

    1. he sells the HCL. that is why hcl loves him because it is a live stream and livestream needs to be entertaining to catch more viewers. airball is pure entertainment on hcl wether he suck at poker or vice versa😊

    1. if amazing means annoying, then yes.
      seems like an awesome guy, great character but his play style doesn’t warrant his appearances on the show if they can’t mute out his beavis/bhead sounds.
      nik on the other hand doesn’t seem as awesome but his play style is so entertaining i could put up with even more annoying sounds from him and not complain.

  3. Mariano’s river raise is a genuine masterpiece. This is what live poker on the highest level looks like. Based on the speed of his play, this was planned.
    Bet small with a no-good single pair. Induce a value raise from an overpair, re-raise as a bluff with massive sizing. This is the first time this sort of play is televised.

    1. Ain’t no masterpiece. Completely standard in that spot. Maybe masterpiece at 1/2 but come on at these stakes against that player – just standard.

    2. @barryjbI regularly play in reasonably big mixed games in both EU and North America with 500NL+ regs.
      Anyone telling you “this is standard” is a pinecone.

    3. Agreed. I also couldn’t help but wonder if Mariano was noticing how Airball seemed to be trying to intimidate him by leaning in close and watching him. Maybe it was just me but it seemed like Airball was trying too hard to posture.

  4. Nik with all that money, can someone get him to throw them a couple of bucks for a chapstick!

  5. Airball saying Henry has no balls when he folds aces to a raise that made no sense and that most players would call is hilarious

  6. I used to weight much much heavier like Nick and I always tilt and lose it all on poker table. Now I lost a lot of weight and put on so much muscle, I never tilt now. So I guess health is the biggest factor not to tilt and I guess Mariano or King Henry proves that

  7. Easy to say when you can see the cards, but on the 57759 I’m pretty sure you can auto call the A high vs. Nik and print money over the long run. Given the way Nik plays, suuurely he’s overbluffing here compared to how often he has a boat. And the chance of him doing this for value with anything less seems remote (especially given the quickness and size of the bet). Just my 2 cents though, obviously a harder call to make at the table.

  8. Nik likes to play because it’s the only place he can insult people without getting a slap to the mouth.

  9. Nik is so unbelievably bad at poker for these stakes it’s actually wild he’s still playing them

    1. No one could be that bad at poker! this is all entertainment. airball fronted to get views

  10. From the title I really thought this was gonna be nik getting snapcalled on a buncha bluffs. im surprised with some of the creative play in these spots

  11. I don’t hate Nik, but I love rooting against him. That makes him real valueable for the show haha

  12. Lmao Nik is such a legend for this session! So happy to see him back! 😆😆

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