NFL Stars & Celebrities Battle For $50,000 | Celebrity Poker Tour

The Star Poker Trip returns for 2024 with its 2nd invitational hosted in the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Significant names such as Keenan Allen, Tana Mongeau, Rampage Poker, Austin Ekeler, Will Levis, Aljamain Sterling, Bryce Hall, Steiny, and several lots more will be battling for the $50,000 freeroll. Watch your preferred celebrities, expert athletes, business leaders, and content creators go head-to-head in Invitational II of the Celebrity Poker Tour.

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– Twitter:/ @celebpokertour
– Youtube/ @celebritypokertour
– Snapchat Show/ "What It's Like"

NFL Stars & Celebrities Battle For $50,000 | Celebrity Poker Tour

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  1. The fact the rampage didn’t win this tells you all you need to know about how lucky he runs in tournament wins. People don’t even know their hands in here and he couldn’t final table this crowd lol.

    1. Yap yap yap he’s earned 2 million more than you have playing poker

    2. You don’t seem to know much about poker but in those tournaments one of two things happen. We dominate or we get annihilated no way in between.

    3. ​@@NotSuspicousAtAllRampage is by far the luckiest poker player I’ve ever even heard of.

  2. Lol steiny out first 😂 woulda loved to see him run deep but lol lol 😂

  3. the title should say *”NFL Stars & Youtube “Celebrities” Battle for $50,000″*

  4. Scammy as hell lol 4,8,9 no shot Bryce calls the ace then he calls 3 cards super script

  5. So proud of you Tana!!❤️To all of the haters commenting on her name you’ll only see her more so start betting on her 🤪😂

  6. How did he fold pocket Ace and then 3 Kings comes. That is crazy stupid but so damn lucky

  7. Wait at 45:34 steiny also had a full house with a K and 2 Card & victorino had the full house with the 5 & 2 card. Wouldn’t steiny win because he has the higher full house with the King, how did the 5 beat the K. If anything it should have been split. Steiny literally won that hand

    1. What matter is what’s the inside cards first, then the outside cards with 222, and 555, the 5’s take it. If it’s the same inside cards then it goes to the outside cards

  8. Dealer messed up in your hand @Wolfgang_Poker. See 1:17:17. The dealer puts out the burn turn card then forgets and puts out another burn card before actually putting down the turn card.

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