NFL Quarterback Predicts The Flop! 🤯

Tennesse Titans Quarterback Will Levis properly anticipates the flop! @celebritypokertour

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NFL Quarterback Predicts The Flop! 🤯

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  1. I predicted a flop one time. AAK. No idea why or how. But 489 is way more impressive.

    1. That’s like hitting your first professional game winning 3 pointer and someone’s like “Yeah, but Steph Curry does it all the time.” It’s Negraneau for crying out loud. That guy probably can’t even enjoy a new movie or show because he figures out the ending during the first 10 minutes.

    1. Dude your math is wrong it is 1 in 132600. It seems pretty astronomical.

    2. ​@@srinidhihebbar2930💀💀💀 dude somehow ur math is wrong as well its 1 in 2744 cuz he didn’t call the suits 🎰

  2. He acting like this prediction is meaningful while it was pure luck WTF

    1. bro he was just shocked he called the 3 cards on the flop? what’s ur problem?

    1. Bro was tryna figure out how he did that 😂 😭 💀 his brain was almost smokin😅

  3. That was some supernatural ish right there. Levin looks like he momentarily figured out how to hack the matrix.

  4. Will puts mayo in his coffee people. Remember that. Now do the same if you want to see the guyure like he does 😂

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