New Vegas Resident Run Good? | Poker Vlog #415

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New Vegas Resident Run Good? | Poker #415

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  1. Hey Ethan! I just started following you a few weeks ago. Just a question… when you started, did you gradually grow your own bankroll to be where you are today, or did you get some investors to help you out?

    1. Lol go back and watch from the beginning or read up. He’s got a cool story

    2. He sold his body on the strip for many years. Kind of mid-level giggolo. Police/casinos got wise to his antics and he was forced to start a poker vlog as a cover story. 😉

    3. @Internet Posta Wow. Just glad he didn’t get prosecuted by the Nevada DA! 😂

  2. I’ll be in Vegas for a week starting the 18th of April. Feel like meeting up for a drink and a cigar? My treat

    1. @Chris Shef Throw in dinner and some spooning afterwards and I’m down.

    1. He says that on purpose so ppl will comment to correct him this clown elicits comments that way ….

    2. @Simon thanks for commenting your wisdom! Looking forward to your response

  3. quit doing the hero calls and start thinking about results again. for every hero call you win look back at how much you lose when you are wrong.

    1. The amount of times this dude says “I decide to gamble” makes me so frustrated. Such a nitty mind-set to have been making decisions.

    2. Some people just want to have fun, your definitely the grandpa who plays only jacks and up

  4. Here’ s my problem with the tournament vids. I know how long they are. You can see it on youtube. When you’re not close to the end of the tournament and I see there’s only 4 minutes left, I know you’re losing those hands. Not sure how to remedy that, but it makes them more challenging than the cash videos.

  5. I really like your unbelievably crazy punts. I like the fact that you truly believe that your hand good right before you punt your chips away. High drama

    1. It’s the only reason most watch for his lack of discipline and mental stability 😂 we all know sooner or later idiotic hero call or bluff is coming …

    2. To be fair, a lot of his “punts” actually get through and make a net profit! 😎
      The hero calls I’m not so sure about, but folding is boring right 🤔😅
      This is poker entertainment and I love all thr drama, to pull off the LAG style takes skills and balls 👌

    3. @Phil hopefully this clown returns to hustler stream to lose another 160k now that’s entertaining to me …👍

    4. @Simon man you guys love talking about other ppls money and mistakes with it. Did you stake him? Did you have a piece? I’ll never understand how so many ppl are pleased or get a rush from other people’s perceived mistakes. I think there’s a word for that, or better yet a label. But when done hiding behind a keyboard it’s OK I guess. 👍 keep it up I bet ur doing great!!

  6. Man you had your chances, but how lose did u call on many occasions, but i know u were in a gambling mood, always enjoy your vlogs, cheers 🍻

  7. I see a lot critiques here, I’m pretty sure you’re a much more successful player than all of them do your thing man. High sight is always 20/20 👍 Enjoy your videos.

  8. Vlog from Ethan is like an awesome breakfast! Best way to start the day!

  9. Another great vlog per usual. NGL enjoy the transparency with everything you do, I find myself living vicariously through you ha. Keep it up and can only wish for more good things in the future!

  10. Ethan, first time commenting on a YouTube video and I feel like the community is getting more toxic. Sure there are plays that are unnecessary, but commenting is way easier than playing! You’re also the rare ones that upload on a very consistent basis with a lot of action heavy hands. Love your content regardless punts or not. Don’t get too affected by negativity. Keep doing you and I’ll be continuously watching and supporting you!

  11. How do you call that A6 when A7cc as a bluff beats you? That’s a punt of amazing proportions…

  12. Wowo almost at 150,000 subs! Congrats Ethan, 1,000,000 by the end of the year guaranteed!

  13. He takes some unconventional lines, so what? The A6S punt wasn’t ideal but think about it… how many us are shoving 8s early in the tourney when the flush comes in? That’s such a standard spot to call and Ethan got max value. Sometimes his high variance play works, other times it doesn’t. Overall he seems to be crushing it though

  14. Ethan and his Damn live Reads 😂
    Gets him every time. Love the content though my brother.

  15. Watching a donkey run like god is arguably the most life tilting thing in the world

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