Never Count Out the…BACKDOOR QUAD DRAW! | Poker Vlog #444

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Never Count Out the…BACKDOOR QUAD DRAW! | Poker #444

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  1. That j9 hand was one of the worst hands I’ve ever seen played… that being said great video hope you bink something these coming weeks!

    1. @RunItOnce I agree rampage is a good player by most people’s definitions but you cannot tell me that he doesn’t constantly mis read a hand and get the money in bad. The hand in question he went all in with jack high and a gutshot in a big buy in tournament even after the board paired and the opponent 4 bet preflop to 6,000 which polarizes his range as a strong hand. He triple barreled J9 suited 3 streets against pocket kings when the board paired and he’s getting snap called. That’s the definition of getting it in bad, otherwise known as a punt. Hence the nicname rampunt

  2. It’s interesting how his videos always come out during my lunch break. Smart uploading strategy

    1. I realized this last week. It could be algorithms too. YouTube will show you time points where your views skyrocket

    2. So most of his viewers are probably 25+ those people would be eating lunch around 12 so yeah definitely a good marketing strategy

  3. Lol wow that J9 hand was literally one of the worst hands I’ve ever seen played.

    Just fold the flop occasionally man.

  4. Great video. I feel like Youtubers that do tournaments only show when they get to the final table or first place. That’s cool and all, but it fails to show how many bullets they have to do or how many tournaments they have to bust with nothing to show for it. If people only see the good times, they get it in their head that it’s easy and start to gamble without reality being shown to them. I think this helps show the reality and can discourage people from gambling that aren’t ready or don’t have the bankroll for the ups and downs.

  5. On the quad 7’s I was half expecting the opponent to call with 8-6 clubs that got the straight flush on the river.

    1. @Brian Roe I think the betting made more sense for 8-6. People I’ve played with will play suited one-gappers over suited two-gappers.

  6. “Run it up and maybe this will be a long video” looks and sees there’s two minutes left lol rip rampage

  7. Ethan, you got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold them, know when to walk away 🎶

  8. Liked the video because you got what you deserved!
    I have never seen a worst poker player on youtube than yourself!

  9. You’ve got guts Ethan! Too bad you couldn’t double up from the get go! Better luck 🍀 on the next tournament! I’m rooting for you Ethan!

  10. Love the tournament vlogs! Much more fun to watch than cash games IMHO. And I love how you show the punts and disasters as well as the wins!!!

  11. Ethan, I’ve been following you for 3-4 years..quick reminder..this is NOT a cash game..don’t punt all your chips in 1 spot, especially when its a $1500 buy-in.

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