Negreanu Traps Doug Polk! Max Value!

Daniel Negreanu tumbled journeys and trapped Doug Polk on Fight!

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Negreanu Traps Doug Polk! Max Value!

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    1. I folded them pre-flop. Trying to foster a tight table image. Should have just limped in…

  1. Polk isn’t as famous as Negreanu in the poker scene but I think you don’t have to use his first name in the title

  2. Sometimes these Poker “pros“ make really dumb mistakes! Makes me feel better in my little 1-2 no limit local game!
    They say low limit poker is impossible to beat in the long run because of the rake. I say all limits are hard to beat because of emotion!

    1. Well I think 1/3 is absolutely winnable but it’s not easy. 2/5 will be much easier but I like 1/3

    2. Здравствуй, объясните что не так с рейком на низких лимитах. Хочу их преодолеть, но тяжело) учусь.

  3. I’ve seen Doug failing to bluff OG legends like Phil Ivey, Dnegs and Tom dwan.. Doug Polk a legend indeed😂🎉

    1. He beat daniel like a kid in the overall match,daniel was a Payoff wizard

  4. This heads up match cost dnegs over a million short term, but it made him so much better.

  5. He has been “Kid Poker” since he was a Kid…..he is not kid anymore

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