Nearly a $10,000 Pot with KINGS! | Poker Vlog #405

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Nearly a $10,000 Pot with KINGS! | Poker #405

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  1. The fact that this kid went from playing at tables with horrible players in my home town at twin river casino to watching him stream his first bracelet into becoming a massive YouTube poker star proves anyone can do it. This kid really studied the game and learned the right way to do it. Happy to see you’re doing good rampage

    1. @Rampage yes, but you have a great personality too. You make great content. A lot of poker vlogers out there and I have watched quite a few. But I’m on subscribed to about 5. Excellent content. Keep it up.

  2. Hi sir! I love the vlogs, but on this one ive never seen so many bad plays by you like today. GL

    1. There’s a cover at the door, pay your fair share and you’ll be able to come

  3. Been watching your vids alot recently. Havent really been into poker a whole lot but now i cant stop thinking about it. Your vids are really helping me learn to play

  4. I love your vlogs but I have a slight critique. I think that you alienate some viewers by saying that all we care about is Cash games and the numbers. It comes off as sarcastic or jaded and I don’t think it does anything positive for you. Keep it fresh bro.

  5. Great video! You should do a 24 hour live stream soon and it could be raising money to help Ukraine refugees or some other charity. It would be fun and helpful 🙂

  6. Oof that aces cracked hand is rough, KQ off way overplayed, I hope I avoid that in vegas in 2 weeks

  7. Love the tournaments. Noticed you mentioned a couple of times recently that people enjoy the cashgames much more but your tournament play is refreshing. A nice mix

  8. Thanks New England casinos for absolutely punting Rampage from our area.. so Typical for our area.

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