My FIRST WSOP FINAL TABLE For $393,000 and a BRACELET! | Rampage Poker Vlog

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My FIRST WSOP FINAL TABLE For $393,000 and a BRACELET! | Rampage

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  1. The whole cards when Lu is all in: _Oh dear, oh dear. Gorgeous._
    The whole cards when Rampage is all in: _You fucking donkey._

  2. Wild thing is, this was the tournament he was playing while, he was playing another tournament in the last video!

  3. That lojack was so lucky getting premium basically every time you were in the big blind lol.

    1. exactly man I’d be so annoyed like cmon dude raising me big blind every time lol and he had monsters too hahaha

    2. @@maksfaaoa3264 I would be so tilted. Guess that’s why I’m not a professional poker player haha.

  4. Normally you are doing well and then punt it all off but I actually think you played this really well. I enjoy it when you play more low variance and have fewer all ins with poor cards and this was one of those times. You just got unlucky which sucks but just keep getting better and things will come your way

  5. Much better play this time, sound decisions all around. Good job man.

  6. Rampage gonna get his run good in WPT and Poker Masters! Good luck my guy!

  7. I think you did all right considering the guy to your left kept picking up premiums when you were the BB and simple bad luck that the short stack out-lived you.

  8. I was worried, but I am glad you picked up that the guy to your right needed that fist bump before you left as well 😂

  9. Absolutely love the glasses ! ! !
    Somebody maybe can say you just try to be a copy of Stu Ungar.
    But its good for you because its a divisive thing.
    When somebody thinking about your glass,that means he concentrates less about his hand , and his play.
    Keep up the good work,im here since your 4′ 4′ -s held and scoup that tournament.
    I was lucky and i saw it live on youtube.
    I think since then i watched almost every of your videos.
    You are growing and its good.
    Wish some luck , because sometimes that’s the only thing that can help a poker player.
    So manage your luck wisely 😉

  10. I remember watching live and deeb wouldn’t stop ripping you on the a/q fold. nice run keep it up

  11. iirc you had qs9s on that t3 shove from lu. this is where i think you should’ve been in, even without being results oriented. lu looks like he’s shoving super wide, your hand is playable and his elimination is so important you want to increase the odds of that happening by being in even if ponakovs would still end up coming along (he likely folds to your isolation shove and you would’ve flopped trips to win and eliminate lu).

  12. I know it hurts Rampage, hindsight can be a killer. But that table had people turning up with a lot of monsters, lots of us will say we would have snapped called or ripped it all in. But there just a touch of pressure with 6 figures up top. Keep grind man your an amazing player

  13. Some poker players find there groove and luck in tournaments eventually , Ethan is one of those players

  14. Good job Ethan, Overall you played well. Keep your head up. You are inspiring a lot of people including me. Keep up the great videos!!!!

  15. That’s me on the rail drinking the screw drivers.. hahah awesome to watch you rampage

  16. Ethan. I met you in mgm Springfield at the 1/2NL. Wow. You have come a long way at poker. Congratulations on all your accomplishments I hope to see you again and Congratulate you in person. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  17. Rampage, we needed an explanation on the thought process of folding kings? That’s such an important part of the tournament

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