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  1. Ayeeee congrats my man, can’t wait to see this!!! I’m about to play a small one at my local card room wish me luck!

  2. At 2:10 you have some footage playing of the fishing sponsor game after the first hand of the video started. Assuming this is an editing mistake so hopefully you see this!

    1. Came to say that but I was imagining he was using the imagery to show he is trying to hook a poker fish.. then it cut to the flop and I was like.. nah

    2. I was like. That’s a beautiful hand. Should I check to the sand or go all in the 🌊

  3. great meeting you at resorts world last night/this morning, GG on the cash.

    surprised you didn’t make a joke about being on table 420

  4. I cant ever win with 44 I swear when I see 44 I’m like damn instant death only cuz I hear a voice that says 44 can’t lose 😤

  5. One of many to come. We’ll see our boy Ethan racking up live bracelets soon.

  6. Nice run bro. Happy you made the cash and had a good time.
    Always great viewing.

  7. Um Rampage I mean this with the utmost respect but when you are checked raised on a river 9.9 times out of 10 they usually have the goods. That’s the part of your game that really needs work. Imo there’s a big difference between someone leading out on the river as a bluff compared to check raising you on the river. I’ve played tournaments for a lot of years and honestly I can probably count on 1 hand the number of times someone is check raising the river as a bluff. It just rarely happens. That call with your AQ off was terrible when you got check raised on the river. But anyways glad you cashed, needed some run good which you always seem to get.

  8. Banger banger! The days just seem that much better with some rampage vlog in it! Love all the content!

  9. Playing at table #420 you should’ve known you were gonna cash lol, well played

  10. Hi hun great vlog. I love your content. Congrats on cashing. Til your next vlog take care xxx

  11. 14:09 Patrick from the hustler casino live is walking right behind you lol

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