My BIGGEST WIN And BIGGEST POT EVER @ Bellagio!! Must See!! High Stakes! Poker Vlog Ep 224

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My BIGGEST WIN And BIGGEST POT EVER @ Bellagio!! Must See!! High Stakes! Ep 224

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  1. Let’s go! Can’t wait to meet you someday. You are literally my hero when it comes to poker 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  2. Hard work pays off, you did the work, we’re all happy to watch you reap the rewards.

  3. I find your hand history to be more in depth than in the past with multiple considerations we didn’t have a few years ago .. it really is a different Brad since you studied with Petrangelo.. you definitely matured into a great player 👏🏻

  4. Congrats, Brad! Glad to see all of your hard work paying off in a big way!

  5. It’s been almost two weeks since the last Brad Owen vlog…but this one was WORTH THE WAIT. Can’t wait for the next few.

  6. Great job Brad! So excited to see you doing well! Keep up the energy, your dad would be so proud!

  7. Spent the weekend at my brothers wedding and got to play some poker on two of the nights leading up to the wedding. Just got back and glad to see this video! Makes me wanna play some more! Great video as always Brad🔥

  8. Dude I’ve been loving watching you progress in your poker career, you’ve come so far and it’s really cool to see. Keep it up dude, happy for you!

  9. Congratulations on the WPT event, so sick to see your progress through the years

  10. You make the Vegas locals proud! Your growth in the game is inspiring and I hope nothing for you but continued success! Stay focused!!!

  11. love to see your success Brad and you sharing it with the world. class act and super well deserved.

  12. Winning your own tournament just to give the viewers more is the most Bradley thing to do. Thanks for being a great ambassador for poker and just a good dude all around. Congratulations on all your success.

  13. “Usually in these types of situations I like to drill sets” well done Brad😁

  14. I love hearing you say things like “5 and a half hours in and we pick up pocket 9’s.”

    Just goes to show how important patience is in this game. Cheers, Brad!

  15. Amazing Vlog Brad! It show the determination, growth, heart, and passion you have in your progression in poker. It’s also incredible that you are taking all of us on your tremendous journey!!

  16. You deserve a hot streak like this my man! Form dedication to the art of poker, the consistency of your YouTube hustle, to being open and honest about running bad and good, and also things in your personal life man we’re all happy for you, we appreciate what you do so keep it up brother I’ll always be back for more!

  17. Brad laying down the smackovich and earning new bradly dollars. Plus eagles are winning… great Monday 😎💯

  18. it’s truly crazy how we are at vlog 224 and it truly just keeps getting better and better, the steps youre taking, the stakes, the wins, the amounts, the tourneys, the Lodge, WPT, i mean, dude.
    and honestly the best part is it still feels like the same exact vlog i found ~2y ago. i hope you keep the same style at vlog 500! take care brother, and NICE FRIGGIN RUNS!!!

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