MUST SEE Poker Hand Between Adrian Mateos and Alex Foxen [CRAZY RIVER]

and are among the best players in the world and they clashed in a huge hand during the 2023 PokerGO Cup in Las Vegas! View this hand up until completion since the river action is crazy.

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MUST SEE Hand Between and [CRAZY RIVER]

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  1. I feel like Foxen would have snap called, but the tortue of 3 time cards was a WAY better play!

  2. THANK YOU FOR NOT SPOILING !!! at least you guys are learning, glad to see it

    1. They should have titled the video as if Adrian won and at the end say “sike” lol

    2. @Gli its kinda spoiled if you make it to the last minute of the video, yes

  3. they both played it well. 2 of the best on earth going at it. love to see it

  4. Amazing call. Processing that long he realized his range was packed with mid-highish pocket pairs under the queen so it would just be absurdly thin for Mateos to do that with a 5 or 6 alone. He got to the point where it was just a decent queen in range of qj-q9 off and pretty much no suited two pairs because rainbow board, 4-3 suited sure, but just such a choice spot for a bluff given weak line Foxen took.

    1. @Nakraal He is jamming them Preflop, they are below 30x BB, I think its a bad call because a 9 is the worst Card for Bluffcatching, because you dont block any Value Combinations and block decent amount of the bluffs (98,97)

    2. @Marco Muller Mateos would have been more polarized on the turn (just over a quarter pot bet) if he had a open or gut shot straight draw I think.

  5. Foxen looking like a 90s teen movies love interest… On top of being a tourny crusher.. my guy

  6. This is an unbelieveable call, considering the position he’d be in the tournament if he loses, best call ever

  7. I like Alex Foxen in the Jack Reacher TV Series and he was great in Blue Mountain State too.

  8. Foxen can still have some Qx, 77-TT here (where Mateos cant), alot of Ax and with this sizing on the river, its fairly unlikely Mateos is betting A6 here for value. So we are looking at QT+? which does not leave many hands to be honest. he would never bet this sizing with 56 on the river (which he can still have wth the flat, then turn bet) he can have 34, and sometimes 55,66 and 23s (which he would bet to deny equity from Ax and draws). Great bet and great call = great hand.

  9. Although the board was extremely dry, the bet on the end was just too much for me to ever call. Crazy call though

  10. Sick Bluff Mateos after the flop realize that Foxen didn’t anything, but Foxen also believes he have the hand. sick bluff incredible call.

  11. great call. greeat bet at the end right enough but it looked a little bit scared for me. If he had bet 6-700k I think it would look a lot more like a value bet and therefore more likely to get through but then again I’m nowhere near these guys level so I could be talking tripe.

    1. I agree with you. Bigger bet looks bluffy compared to medium sized bet that looks like a value bet

  12. Thank you for not spoiling the ending! So many poker vlogs do that. What a MUST SEE hero call with Ace high. What a sick run out. PokerGO give your youtube editors a raise

  13. That bluff, that call… these two are goin at it.
    Great to watch! Insane hand.

  14. leaving behind 500k was fishy, and looked bluffy. His sizing should have been all in or half pot.

    1. Yes! Finally someone here said exactly what I was thinking as I was watching it in ‘real’ time (the delay and whatnot on the livestream being why it wasn’t in actual real time); I thought it was either jam or perhaps a sizing like you mentioned, but I’d be more inclined to shove in this particular spot if I were Mateos given the very interesting and peculiar ways the dynamics of that specific hand had evolved at that point.

  15. Its such a bluffy spot and Mateos knows that, and knows that Foxen knows its a bluffy spot, and knows that Foxen knows that he knows its a bluffy spot. I think most of his decision was winning the levelling war based on past experience with Mateos, on the likelyhood of Mateos making a big bluff in such a bluffy spot vs him.

  16. Given what was at stake there, a pretty impressive call with A9, especially given that you have a blocker to 97 and 98, which are busted straight draws you want your opponent to have. Given that Mateos can be floating a wide range on the flop though (perhaps more than just straight draws), this call is entirely reasonable. Had he folded though, it would have been hard to fault him because he would have been left quite short-stacked if wrong.

  17. Thats why those are 2 of the very very best…he can’t call vs a lesser opponent because putting two thirds of your stack in the middle on a stone cold bluff is Yoda level poker itself. Great hand. Thank you.

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