Most RIDICULOUS/FUN Hand Of All Time!

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Most RIDICULOUS/FUN Hand Of All Time!

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  1. Fun game, but damn brad the lady asks you to run it twice in a 1/2 game and you say no… cold… you’re playing 100/200 homie.

    1. they were playing the stand up game, pretty sure he doesnt get to sit down if he runs it twice

    1. ​@@silversouljones6891 is not about the cost of a standup game at 1/2. It’s the fact that if they split, who sits down?

    2. @@andrewadami3920 she does because he owns the casino and makes 500x the standup cost from 1 YouTube video based on views and ads.

    1. Fr tho bro if she needs to run it twice that bad just ask Brad for your grocery money after

  2. Brad getting hate in the comments is crazy, I’m sure she didn’t sit down with money she wasn’t willing to lose.

  3. Honestly Brad… this is awesome. This low stakes meet up meant a lot to a lot of people that enjoy and appreciate your content.

  4. Thanks for the support! You guys are OK with the old lady crowd.

    But Brad is right. Don’t make assumptions based on appearance or I will take all your money. You all probably know that running it once or twice doesn’t affect your equity….

    I flatted the 85 open intentionally from a wild player HOPING I’d get a shove behind when I have AQs. The fact that it was Brad Owen is irrelevant except that it gets me a minute of internet fame. Which I appreciate!

    1. Haha you got the best meet up experience of course if you had won the hand like you were supposed to it may have been better but still a legendary session

    2. @@johndildo8786 supposed to? Bc she was ahead on the flop? But she was behind preflop, kinda easy to say supposed to when you cut off the cards that came after lmao.

      Not that it was a bad call I think the reasoning is pretty good but she wasnt “supposed to” win lel

    3. @@darnyouxD girl I wasn’t being literal. No one is supposed to win a poker hand they may have higher odds of winning.

  5. Dang Brad, shoulda let the poor lady run it rwice. You’re so brutal 🙂

  6. even the dealer was laughing would love to play with a table like this😂

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