Most Painful Hands of World Series of Poker 2022 [COMPILATION]

The 2022 saw some insane hands consisting of these absolute heart breakers, headlined by Phil , , JC Tran, and John Juanda! Which hand was the most uncomfortable in your mind?

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Most Painful Hands of [COMPILATION]

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  1. Weโ€™re caught up playing the impassioned protagonist in our Subjective Narrative of Self-๐Ÿ”ด๐ŸŸฅ

  2. How was the Q8 boat folding against quads a “painful hand”, unless I’m missing something? Isn’t that one of the better folds.

    1. I was confused too, but I think it’s the feeling of flopping trips only to get counterfeited with runner runner queens that’s painful

  3. I don’t understand Juanda’s call on the river p9s vs. JTo. The only hand beating you in Chan’s range is p5s.

    Meanwhile, there are plenty of two pairs and straights (that raise on two flush boards), and Juanda can turn hands like QJ and QT or T9 and J9 into bluffs at a sparing frequency. QJ, QT, T9, and J9 are also great bluff catchers from Juanda’s perspective. P9s are a mandatory shove there, BU vs. BB. If he loses to p5s or a “trappy” KK’s/QQ’s, so be it. Kings and Queens would rarely be trapped that deep (Unless due to some weird ICM scenario).

    1. yeah right, this one wasnt so painful i guess, he was happy he didnt loose all

    2. I’d shove, you’d shove, we’d all shove, but we’re not in the final few hundred in the Main Event with a potential $10m on the line. Juanda shoves and is wrong and he is left with 2 BBs. I guess he just valued his tournament life more than winning that extra 100k chips, when there was a small, but tournament-ending chance he could be beat. If he just calls and is right, he is still a huge chip leader at the table and he can move on to the next hand in a dominant position.

    3. @ThizzyMarley Poker You see how I used logic to defend my position? I suggest you do the same. Give me a breakdown of the ranges or why calling is more profitable in the WSOP rather than using an argument from authority.

    4. @j But if he’s right, he eliminates 1 of the stronger opponents in the tournaments. He might not get a better opportunity.

      But yeah, I guess you are right. It’s relatively late in the event, and preserving your stack is more important.

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  5. I don’t think iveys was painful to watch. I’m sure u just wanted to have an ivey hand In there loll

  6. Not sure why Juanda didnโ€™t jam, the guy would be too priced in to fold a straight or a hand like K5 or Q5 suited (which he might have since it was a BB defend) heโ€™s almost never going to have KKs full or QQs full after just flatting out of the BB. The only real hand he loses to is quads. Shouldโ€™ve jammed

  7. I might be trippin here, but at 8:31 when Juanda turn his hand over, it is not what is displayed on the screen. Can someone explain? It says he had K10 D, but when he turns his whole cards over, I see a black card with a 10D it looks likeโ€ฆ.

    1. It looks like a face, but hard to tell. Had to be a K, but just weirdโ€ฆ

  8. This is me every day on pokerstars. I figured that betting when Iโ€™m sure Iโ€™m significantly ahead would be a strategy that pays off over time, but I lose at least as much as I win somehow. It makes me feel like Iโ€™m going nuts. The odds are virtually meaningless. Variance is a killer. You can bet while ahead for a week and still lose more than you win. Itโ€™s insane.

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