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  1. He gets in their heads with his incredible reading ability. He’s a masterful mind magician. I would be honored to lose my child’s college fund against him.

  2. “You have to understand that everything you do at a poker table conveys information”

    Player: Does nothing
    Player: Continues to do nothing
    Player: Breathes

    Daniel: You have two aces

    1. @Pink guy thank you was looking for this comment, why else would he pay to see the cards smh this is so obvious

    2. the trick is to be a good person , so you can sniff out the bad ones. And bad ones always try to manipulate others , but the moment you spot them , you can manipulate them yourself , by bluffing that you are being manipulated by them

    3. That’s why I really wanna study body language, you can basically start reading the minds of everyone you see if you know enough.

    4. wel he’s also reading info from betting patterns, that’s how you can still read your opponents in online poker

    5. He 3-bet pre-flop. Most people, especially pros, don’t do that UNLESS they got a high pocket pair. It was 50-50 cowboys or rockets, and Daniel guessed rockets. Pretty easy to read.

  3. No wonder Negreanu’s so rich, he’s been living rent free in these guys’ heads for years

    1. @Maze Hub I heard this in the late 90s maybe early 2000s. Its not a née saying

    2. that guy has some xmen powers like profesor charles or something damn he is good

  4. I love how, when he reads the opponent’s cards, win or lose, he does a quick scan of the table. Just a nod to everybody : I got you

  5. Player: “You have two aces”
    me not knowing nothing of poker: “He got you fr”

    1. @Nefarious RIG idk man, I wasn’t talking to you, so idk wtf are u talking about… Hahahah but there’s a guy above my comment who’s name is also César, something.

    1. It was about confidence, boosting your level in front of everyone and scaring the sh!t out of his opponent 😎🕺

    2. In another video someone said he’s the best player when it comes to reads but he also can’t help himself and still calls often to see if he was right then loses lol

    3. Yeah, it’s also because the opponent doesn’t have to show you his hand if you fold but does if you call in order to prove he won. If Daniel calls, he gets to see if he was right.

  6. The man is a MASTER of calling probabilities. I actually use some of his clips to teach my geometry students complicated probability scenarios.

    1. @gemini rox yes he is… he is listing all the hands he cannot beat which is ‘tell city’ among professionals.

    2. @How hugs there are so many hands that beat a pair of queens… yet he only named aces.

    3. @gemini rox bro, it was obvious the amatuer was holding a monster pair preflop either Aces or Kings which beats top pair average kicker. EASY LAYDOWN.

  7. He’s so good at getting into their heads. And ofc he’s an amazing analytical player as well.

  8. Negreanu: Of course you’d get pocket queens with a queen on the river
    Dealer: Sir, I haven’t dealt the cards yet.

    1. Romanians have a magic intuition 😃 …. I’m referring to Daniel he is Romanian

  9. Negreanu: you’ve got pocket aces.
    Me: can i at least look at my cards first?

  10. Guy is amazing, also very enjoyable to watch his games, he’s always having a blast and it shows.

  11. As a poker dealer, I enjoy trying to read the players without risking any money. It’s one of the cool things about the job.

    1. @DM Gamer you were correct to ask an actual dealer over google.

      Google is just a database. A dealer is a database that can put it all in perspective & context.

    2. @truepokerdealer Is there like, any way that the players can “memorize” the cards in the game, and literally count cards? In order for it to know the next card that will come.

      And if so.. how to deal with such players? they always call him to the back with “management”?

    3. @Ivan B I think it’s possible if you know how many decks are being used. Each deck has the same number of j, k A,Q and so on.

    4. Out of curiosity, how does one become a poker dealer? Is there a poker school lol? Where are you trained, for how long etc. ?

  12. RIP Mike Sexton.. what a guy.. props to his opponent, wins with humility and praises why they’re player of the year. This is why he was loved by every poker player that knew him

  13. Some people just have that intuition and watching it at work is so awesome

    1. @Sammus 9474 but probabilities are actually really easy to calculate. Its high school level math at best and im being generous

    2. @Florea Ciprian except this isint basic probability this falls under CLT which is extremely complicated probability theorem a basic understanding of math isint complicated but this is like calling earth science and astrophysics the same thing

    3. @Sammus 9474 it may very well fall into that, but its just a simple particular case of that branch. you always have the same 52 cards each single hand. As long as you know a few formulas its piss easy to calculate your odds and probabilities.

    4. @Sammus 9474 dude, not to be offensive, but i tink ur not a software dev, anyway, on daniel, no he doesn’t do all that math, that would require a prodigal ability, and the guy didn’t show any signs of it, here have a look on this from his wiki page :

      When he was several credits short of graduation, he dropped out of high school and began his life as a rounder playing at local charity casinos

      So it is trivial that he knew that his opponent had aces from his experience, hell the guy learnt to play on 15.
      Pls stop 007 casino scene bs.

  14. I know nothing about poker, but you can bet I’m going to go down a rabbit hole of Daniel Negreanu content now

    1. He’s the best: a great personality to go with his ability. I met him in real life, and without even watching me play he gave me some pointers that worked!

    2. Tom Dwan is the god of bluffs, check him out. He got Daniel several times.

  15. “That’s why the man was player of the year”

    Absolute class from Mike Sexton, even when he won the hand, showing the highest level of respect. You’re dearly missed my friend, rest in peace.

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