Monster Pot! | High Stakes Poker

Garrett Adelstein flopped leading two against Tilly's open-ended straight and flush make use of !

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Monster Pot! | Poker

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  1. Great check on the river by Jen, and a nice disciplined fold by Garrett. Great play all around

    1. ​@@TimmyRipkey-zj7sgagreed all flush’s 4/5 and 10/9 straights are there by the river terrible bet on river

    2. ​@@nowayjose1482TT, J9, 99, 97 & 98 with 9 of clubs, can possibly fold out J8, J7. Also it’s known that Jennifer Tilly is more of a looser player. Do I hate the sizing? Sure. I think 60-80k would’ve gotten him the same information. But do I hate the bet period? Naw

    3. @@phinatic9591 whether the bet is lower or not. A river bet is 9 out 10 times getting owned. bc your either beat by a call and have to fold to any bluff raise in this case Tilly had the goods, but A of clubs/X can bluff any combo of cards with straight blockers can bluff you off.. I think it’s terrible over aggressive bet but we can agree to disagree cheers mate

    1. If she led tgdn called the flop.
      Check called the turn.
      Flush hits rivet.
      There’s no rationale for betting that river.

    2. @@AnthonyShuker please explain. You’re on a draw. How are u getting bluffed?

    1. garrett bluffs a lot of hands, which means he has to valuebet a lot of hands… if you ever move above 1c/2c you will also need to valuebet light (and call light) to be a profitable player.

    2. @@dingleberry4013no point in explaining any sort of poker theory to anyone on YouTube 😂

    1. There are more videos. Lots actually, she isn’t terrible. Her and hubby phil play heads up all the time.

  2. Words around the campfire is the Garrett asked Jennifer for his money back for getting out played. 😂😂😂

    1. I meant more like “It was beautiful” lol. You know, like saying “This was sick” to say something was great. 😛

  3. Nicely played by Jen, totally dominated with that power move.
    I admire the high level of mental strength displayed by professional poker players being able to stay calm, focused and calculated in these high stakes plays.
    Respect 🙌

  4. I dunno what worse hands he’s expecting to be called with on that river bet.

  5. i literally just finished Dnegs masterclass, and i saw so many tells. its so weird ! what a new perspective

  6. I would have definitely checked back on that river. Your two pair is beat by a lot of hands by then.

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