Misdeal on High Stakes Poker Leads to Crazy Spot for Antonio Esfandiari! [RARE]

The Seven-Deuce Video game is on for $1,000 per gamer but the dealer puts the flop out before can decide from the big blind! You won't think what takes place next!

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Misdeal on High Stakes Poker Leads to Crazy Spot for ! [RARE]

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  1. “I like what you’ve done with the flop…” perfect response would be: “it really ties the room together…”

  2. He got a bigger kick out of winning the 3000 bucks for the 7-2 rather than the 30k in the pot. Hahaha.

    1. I’m watching the older seasons when they only get 500 from each player, and they absolutely care more about winning with the worst hand than winning 50k lol

  3. and sanchez on the flop reveals he has a pair with somebody still to act behind him. so it’s a 2 for 1. didn’t have that much of an effect but you are not supposed to give away like that during a hand (at least if it’s not heads up).

    1. While they all know, Sanchez is also obviously the biggest Rec in the game (look at how he holds his cards), and this more of a home game with the rules. So you’ll cut the guy a lot of slack to keep the atmosphere light for him, as opposed to if it were a pro doing it.

  4. honestly the way that went down could been like any AXs/AXo hand, and no one else had an ace. pretty lucky to not have played the first flop lol

    1. it was an angle shot. he deliberately didnt act, waited for dealer to put flop out. only then said he hadnt acted yet.

  5. @3:39 Tilly has got to be tipsy. She can’t even pronounce simple words 😂🤣

  6. I love his buyout offer. wonder if it makes him money long term to keep offering it every time

    1. The more you talk the more you likely don’t have it. Kinda rookie move honestly.

  7. This happened to me before. Except I wasn’t last to act, I was in like middle position. I had terrible cards, wouldn’t have even limped. But everyone including the dealer for some reason thought I called. Ended up flopping 2 pair with my rags and eventually winning a nice pot.

    One player even got mad and asked how I could call with that hand, lol. I just can’t remember the hand, but it was just rags, something like 62 or 93, something like that.

    1. @@jessebella9322 You okay bro? I’m genuinely worried for you. Like, did you have a stroke and this is what you ended up typing or…?

    2. @@jessebella9322 You deleted your original reply, you absolute coward.

    1. @@oliver8510 we agree lol. He’s an amateur, a guppy swimming with some sharks. He must be super rich. I’m jealous 😂😂

  8. This is why Antonio is one of my favourite players. Hopefully he plays more, this was a sick hand the way it went down haha

    1. Antonio was chatting and not paying attention when it was his turn to act, so I can see why the dealer thought he declined his option to raise pre-flop

    2. ​@BioShed Oh I agree. As a dealer it drives me nuts when I have to tell someone 2 or 3 times they have the option. But the dealer is still responsible to make sure its a check/call/raise on the BB

  9. Antonio has always been my favorite player to watch. Always has a positive attitude win or lose.

    1. Jamie Gold is the best player to watch, but Antonio is Top 5 for sure

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