MIRACULOUS COMEBACK! $20,000+ Roller Coaster Ride in Las Vegas! | Poker Vlog #418

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MIRACULOUS COMEBACK! $20,000+ Roller Coaster Ride in Las Vegas! | #418

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  1. I just turned 21, hopefully will bump into you on the felt someday! I’m from Minnesota, so I may have to come to Vegas!

  2. Been waiting my dude! Always sets my day right to see another vlog from the best!

  3. Let’s see another rebuild series. ! Loved the 10k journey. How about a 250k journey?

  4. I’m glad you made it back I was watching Phil ivys masterclass briefly about over playing your hand and that’s what he did with tens he his only hand woulda been pocket tens being you had the 6 blocker with the spade makes it likely he’s not chasing spades … glad you got it back up their man

    1. @UpBreaker there’s literally no confusion pre flop charts have nothing to do with a three bet and then a 4 bet then you call it off in a mistakes tournament it’s never anything less than queens Plus when you have jacks this is elementary poker lol literally increase your win rate by 20% you make ridiculous decisions that you know are not right but you do them anyways lol.

    2. Yea, can understand the theory of this, however with all the action pre-flop, all you have is a dream and a prayer 🙏 with those holdings. If it was against just one player re-raise I could understand and maybe justify it, but it seems like you where behind at least one player every time.

    3. Why would we wanna learn from your resources when you jam Jacks against a 3 bet and a 4 bet lmao

    4. I think you gm guys are speaking result oriented these ranges came from running the same hands millions of times to see what’s the most optimal play in the long run. if the hand isn’t gonna win you money in the long run it wouldn’t be there on the charts I think I’m defending this play correctly especially in a cash game regardless I see both sides of the coin … if he won the hand it would have been a great call … it coulda Ben pocket 9 raised Ak suited raised and the tens are winners or jacks or queens .. it’s the varience and very crappy to happen 3 times in a single tournament …judgement call

  5. nothing better than refreshing youtube homepage and seeing rampage posted a vid!!

  6. It must be tough to be thinking, “Well, I have to make the final table to break even on this tournament.” Y’all tournament players are crazy.

  7. Damn your hands worked their way up in order from 10s to Jacks to Queens to Kings to Aces

  8. Everyone needs to use Mariano’s “Baaaaaaaaaang!!” Meme that Wolfgang uses sometimes. lol

  9. You play the beginning of tournaments like someone trying to speed run Super Mario Bros. Still entertaining!

  10. How are you checking back on that 62 hand!! Are you crazy? His aggression on that flop is clearly indicative of hitting some 10 combination (I thought at worst a set of 10s but was thinking A10) because he clearly didn’t want the flush to get there and the fact that he checked when it came in confirmed that suspicion. When he checks there you have he golden ticket to bet a third pot and will get him to fold! Come on Ethan, I know you’re better than this 💪 keep up the good content, really enjoy the vids! Those tourney beats were absolutely brutal. The % of someone having a higher pocket pair when you have 10s is like 11%, the fact that it happened 4 times in a row and your hand value progressively strengthened yet you lost is legit less than 0.01% (11%^4). So gross but nonetheless great content!

  11. the bomb pot w 62 i would fold the 3bet or 4bet myself not wait until the 4bet and cold calling twice w bottom 2pair. Even when you’re ahead (10x type) they have around 30% against you and you’re dead against a set. Raising flop would give you control of the hand and if you face a 5bet you can comfortably fold. Bottom 2pair isn’t strong enough to slow play and you will be extremely uncomfortable when facing more aggression.

  12. I give up on critiquing your play, lol, you are a legend in the making if not there already, I feel privileged to have witnessed all this from the beginning and look forward to any future meetings 😎

  13. Based on my experience, when a player 4-bet jammed preflop then asked to run it twice, most of the time they had AK.

  14. Good call with those aces against a straightened board with the frontdoor flush coming home on the turn. Real high-level play. I’ve seen people in my local 1-3 game let go of aces there, and _nobody_ folds aces in 1-3.

  15. Lucky duck!!! First time comment bc i just figured out how to. Been watching for awhile and you are by far the most animated and versed vlogger around… keep up the good work!

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