Miracle Poker Hand at the World Series of Poker!

You won't think how this hand played out at the World Series of Poker!

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Miracle Poker Hand at the World Series of Poker!

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  1. I took AK against KK and flop came an King, Jack, little card. Ran him down with a Q and 10 run out. Felted him. Rebuys for $500 and very next hand my KK smashed him with a flopped K and an 8. Never watched a soul die like those 5 minutes.

    1. I bluffed a guy with 3 straight hands and showed all 3 times, 4th hand I took him out with pocket aces he flopped a flush draw.

  2. Hate poker right now. My AA vs KK all-in and he hits runner runner clubs. I rebuy same guy raises and I call with 2 others with AT on the big blind. TT3 flop and of course the same ahole has 33. So I try Cincinnati about a month ago. QQ all-in vs two AKs. AK clubs gets there on the river with a flush. Taking a long f break

  3. I’ve also seen 3 guys flop a set and eventually the bottom set won 😂

    1. One time I had K9 and flop was TJQ. 1 dude had QQ and other had JJ and we all shoved each other at the flop. I made a lot of money that hand.

  4. Yeah. Definitely a miracle. A queen has never turned up on the river. Ever. Ask anyone.

    1. Aces win more than 85% of the time that’s no fun to watch 😂 we want to see the pain

  5. Its funny because any time you see one of these clips, you know exactly what the outcome is going to be lol.

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