Miracle Maria! All-In vs. Queens!

Maria Ho ran Ace-Jack into Faizal Khoja's Pocket Queens on No Gamble, No Future!

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Miracle Maria! All-In vs. Queens!

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    1. The reason why I don’t like poker. You can play a perfect hand but still get screwed by luck and lose to a lower skilled player

    2. @@zoot8739While I agree with you, it’s also the reason it’s so profitable and there’s so much crazy money in the game in the first place. It’s also creates a huge hurdle for people who want to get better force to gain emotional control and discipline. That makes the other side rewarding where you can look back at the people who make excuses for themselves and refuse to ever grow. Plus being able to have fun beating people who play it casually and taking their money, while being able to still smile and nod without getting butthurt. It’s not all downside.

    1. Any player would not fold preflop , but I’m definitely not going all in preflop ​@@alexherrera84

  1. Take note girls. if you wanna look like a 35 year old pokemon follow maria’s example.

    1. It is. And always will be. Funny how when one bad beat or cooler happens people say poker is a game of luck, but when you take a large sample size of let’s say 1 million hands, if you were to play every hand optimally, then you will become very profitable, making it a game of skill. If Khoja jams QQ into AJs 1 million times in a row with no deviations, he would have won over 70% more times than he lost. Jamming AJs into QQ will cause Maria to lose tons of money in the long run.

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